10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate in 2022

Why is my Facebook ads conversion rate too low? I am spending money on Facebook ads but I am not getting any returns on my investments, what could be happening?

These questions are common among business owners who haven’t figured out how to get maximum results from their Facebook ads. The good news, however, is that anyone can learn how to create more opportunities for his/her business with Facebook ads.

This detailed guide is designed to help you rise above the average conversion rate for Facebook ads. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should know how to fix the mistakes that have kept you from making good money from Facebook ads.

Table of Contents:

What’s the Average Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads?

average facebook ads conversion rate
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Across all industries, the average CVR for Facebook ads is 9.21%. However, it is worth noting that some industries will have a higher CVR than others.

Industries with Below Average Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads

  • Industrial Services – 0.71%
  • Technology – 2.21%
  • Travel and Hospitality – 2.82%
  • Retail – 3.26%
  • Apparel – 4.11%
  • Auto – 5.11%
  • Legal – 5.60%
  • Beauty – 7.10%

Industries with Above Average Facebook Ads CVR

  • Consumer Services – 9.96%
  • B2B (Business to Business) – 10.63%
  • Employment and Job Training – 11.73%
  • Education – 13.58%
  • Fitness – 14.29%

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads?

The fact that the average CVR for Facebook Ads is 9.21% suggests that a good conversion rate for Facebook Ads should be above 10%.

However, a Facebook ads CVR of just 10% may not be good across all industries. For example, if a business is in the fitness industry, its Facebook ads CVR won’t be impressive until it exceeds 14.29%.

Businesses in industries with extremely low average CVR for Facebook ads – for example, Industrial Services with 0.71% and Technology with 2.31% – may want to lower their aim when it comes to a good CVR for their Facebook ads. A CVR of at least 5% may be a good place to start for industries with the lowest average Facebook ads CVR.

Rise Above Average Facebook CVR: 10 Tips to Skyrocket Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

1. Invest in Attention-Grabbing Visuals for a Higher Facebook CVR

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: grabbing visuals

Studies show that it takes only 2.6 seconds for a website user’s eye to choose where to land on a specific webpage. Using attention-grabbing images on your Facebook ads increases the chances of the user’s eyeballs landing on the advertisement.

In most cases, first impressions – when advertising on Facebook – are informed by design. Below, we have outlined some tips to help you prepare visuals that help your ad stand out:

Avoid Overloading Images with Text

According to Facebook, the ads that perform best include images with minimum to no text. Initially, Facebook had a “20% rule,” where businesses were only allowed to run an image-based ad if less than 20% text existed on the image. Facebook even created a Text Overlay tool to help businesses figure out whether their images were excessively wordy.

While the 20% rule is no longer in place and the Text Overlay tool is no longer active, it is still smart to keep the words on a Facebook ad image below 20%.

Size to Spec

Low-resolution images and visuals reflect poorly on your business. High-resolution images, however, make your business stand out positively.

Use Videos or GIFs

To nab users’ attention, consider opting for movement over static images. When targeting mobile users, do not forget to test vertical videos.

2. Target the Right Audience to Boost Your Facebook Ads CVR

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: target the right audience

To rise above the average Facebook ads conversion rate, you need to ensure your ads are being displayed to the right people. Facebook allows business to personalize their audience based on:

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender, etc.

Advertising to a large group that is not interested reduces your company’s likelihood of getting a good conversion rate for Facebook ads.

When you become savvy and narrow in on the audience with a high likelihood of being interested in what you have to offer, rising above the average CVR for Facebook ads becomes easier.

Take Advantage of Interest-Based Targeting for a Good Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

When people visit Facebook, their goal is to see what’s happening with their family members, workmates, and friends, get new inputs and be inspired. This indicates that Facebook users rarely have an interest in the ads running on the platform.

For this reason, it is up to you, as a business, to create interest in your Facebook ads. One of the best ways to do this is by making use of what you know your target audience is interested in – that is, the details they filled up when creating their Facebook profiles.

This is known as interest-based targeting. This vital method of creating interest allows you to speak to Facebook users using a language they understand and like. However, the big question is, how do you leverage interest-based targeting?

Making Interest-Based Targeting Easier: Take Advantage of AdTargeting.io

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: making interest-based targeting easier

While Facebook Ads Manager does have its targeting section, it only provides a list of 25 interest suggestions when one enters a keyword. These interests, however, are also made available to more than ten million advertisers – this creates significant competition.

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: access to low competition interests

Giving you access to low competition interests, AdTargeting helps your business maximize its Return on Investment (ROI) when advertising on Facebook. Helping you access interests that are hidden from competitors in your business niche, AdTargeting helps you boost your Facebook ads conversion rate.

Why Use AdTargeting?

AdTargeting offers numerous features that make Interest-Based Targeting easier for businesses. These features include:

Filters When Searching for Interests
Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: filters when searching for interests

AdTargeting offers different filters for Facebook. With the tool, you can search for interests by the target country, audience, and more.

Hundreds of Interests and Keyword Inspirations
Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: hundreds of interests and keyword inspirations

Once you enter your keyword, AdTargeting shows you a list of results highly related to the keyword entered in the search box.

More Information on Interests

AdTargeting gives businesses access to a wide variety of dimension analyses regarding the Facebook advertisement platform, including:

  • Age ratio
  • Gender ratio
  • Audience size
  • Interest path
  • Page ranks
  • City ranks
You Can Work with Facebook Ad Set
Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- work with facebook set

To help you rise above the average conversion rate for Facebook Ads, AdTargeting allows you to work with the Facebook Ad Set.  

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3. Choose an Ad Format That Works for Your Audience

Currently, Facebook has several ad formats, including:

Photo Ads

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- photo ads

Simple and clean, this ad format allows businesses to feature engaging copy and imagery. It allows businesses to convey who they are through high-quality illustrations and images.

Video Ads

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- video ads

Video Ads allow businesses to tell their stories with motion, sound, and sight. This ad format is available in a range of styles and lengths – businesses can choose from feed-based, short ads that the user can watch on the go to longer video ads that users can watch while relaxing on the sofa.


Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: stories

An edge-to-edge, customizable experience, stories allow businesses to immerse users in their content. With stories, businesses can tap into their passions and then inspire them to take action.

Messenger Ads

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- messenger ads

Allowing users to initiate conversations with your business, Messenger Ads get personal with potential and current customers. They also add automated and interactive features.

Carousel Ads

carousel ads
iPhone X 2018 Mockup by Asylab

Carousel Ads make it possible for businesses to showcase up to ten videos or images in one ad. Each image or video has its special link. With this type of ad, a business can showcase different products or tell a brand story that develops with each new card.

Collection Ads

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- collection ads

This type of ad allows people to discover, then browse, and finally purchase what a business offers. The ad allows users to tap an ad and learn more about the specific product – this happens within a rapid-loading experience.

Playable Ads

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- playable ads

This ad format offers users an interactive preview before they download the app being advertised. With playable ads, businesses can find higher intent users for their applications.

Choosing a Good Facebook Ad Format

When it comes to boosting your Facebook ads conversion rate, there isn’t one Facebook ad format that outperforms all the others. When getting started with Facebook advertising, testing different formats can help you figure out the ad format that generates the highest conversion rate for your business.

4. Keep Your Facebook Ad Copy Concise

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- keep your facebook ad copy concise

To rise above the average conversion rate for Facebook ads, keep your ad copy short and sweet. A Facebook ad copy that delivers great CVR has the following features:

  • It gets personal – Using personal pronouns – like your and you – suggests a relationship between the audience and your brand.
  • Zero jargon – Speak in the customer’s language. Avoid using complicated or technical language that your customers may not understand.
  • It’s brief – Too much text can be intimidating. Focus on the essentials and ignore everything else.

5. Use Social Proof to Boost Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- use social proof

The term “social proof” refers to public social engagement that can be seen by other users. This may include:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • User-generated content to the actual Facebook ad.

When it comes to getting a good Facebook ads conversion rate, these small interactions can be just as vital as the Facebook ad copy itself.

While we may not want to admit it, on Facebook, something of a hive mind mentality exists. This is largely driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO). Users on Facebook want to know what's the next big thing. Therefore, if one Facebook ad gets 200 positive comments or 1,000 likes, Facebook users will want to know why.

6. Rise Above Average Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads with Great Offers

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- great offers

One way to stand out and get a high Facebook ads conversion rate is to promote a deal or discount with the platform's ads. With offer ads, Facebook allows businesses to share discounts to encourage their target audience to shop.

Often forcing users to jump at the opportunity to save money, offer ads often result in a good conversion rate for Facebook ads.

7. Ensure Your Call to Action (CTA) is Captivating

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- captivating CTA

The term “Call to Action” refers to a prompt that encourages Facebook users to do something specific. When it comes to Facebook Ads, different call-to-action buttons play different roles:

  • Awareness CTAs – These CTA buttons perform well for prospects who do not know your business but will do after seeing your Facebook ad. The best buttons for this role include “Learn More,” “Download,” and “Apply Now.”
  • Consideration CTAs – These CTAs are ideal for prospects familiar with your business offer and are currently exploring your solutions. The best CTA buttons, in this case, include “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Download,” and “Learn More.”
  • Conversion CTAs – These CTAs help your business convert leads interested in buying from you. Best CTAs for encouraging conversion include “Get Quote,” “Sign Up,” “Subscribe,” “Apply Now,” and “Message Us.”

8. Ensure Your Facebook Ads Have an Intuitive User Experience

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- user experience
Image Resource: CC-Radio

To increase your Facebook ads CVR, make it easy for the users to find what you are advertising. For example, never include a special deal and call to action button, and then link your ad to an irrelevant product.

In the event this happens, instead of wasting time looking for the relevant section with the discounted products, most people will abandon your website without converting.

Beyond ensuring the ad takes your customers to the relevant page, always use the same voice, colour palette, and branding throughout the marketing materials. This guarantees a strong brand identity and consistency.

9. Choose Your Facebook Ads Placement Wisely

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- facebook ads placement

Facebook gives businesses the freedom to choose from a variety of ad placements. When it comes to choosing the ideal placement for your ads, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Let the Audience Decide

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- let the audience decide

After creating your ad set and choosing the targeting, allow Automatic Placements to take over. Let the ad run for approximately 7 days.

Step 2: Review Performance

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- review performance

Log into your ads manager, select your campaign, and then click “Breakdown.” Next, scroll down to “By Delivery” and select “Placement & Device.”

From here, you should see where your Facebook ads produced maximum results. You will also see the best-performing placements. Most likely, there should be clear winners. If you do not find clear winners, run the campaign for another week.

Step 3: Implement

The moment you find clear winners, switch from Automatic Placement to Edit Placement. Use the best-performing options.

10. Take Advantage of A/B Testing

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate- A/B testing
Image Source: adparlor

A/B testing involves trying out 2 different ad variations to see which one produces the best results. This can be in terms of audience customization, copy, format, visuals, and more.

When using A/B testing, be sure to test one variable at a time. This will allow you to know what’s making the difference.


With targeting options, objectives, and ad types, Facebook ads are becoming increasingly challenging to navigate. It is, for this reason, most businesses settle for the average conversion rate for Facebook ads.

However, getting a good conversion rate for Facebook ads is not that complicated. All one needs to do is understand the factors that influence how users interact with ads on the platform.

This detailed guide takes a deeper look at ways the best companies generate great results with Facebook Ads. Putting the 10 tips outlined above to use should help you boost your Facebook ads conversion rate.

FAQs About Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

How Do I Calculate the Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads?

Calculating the Facebook ads CVR is extremely easy. All you have to do is divide the number of conversions by the total number of ad interactions that can be tracked to a conversion during a specific period.

The basic formula for calculating the Facebook CVR is as follows:

{(Number of Conversions) / (Total number of ad interactions)} x 100%

For example, if you get 100 conversions from 1,000 Facebook ad interactions, your Facebook ad conversion rate will be:

{(100) / (1,000)} x 100% = 10%

What’s Facebook Ads Cost Per Conversion?

The “term cost per conversion” refers to the amount of money spent to acquire a customer or to achieve the end goal of an ad. The Facebook cost per conversion is not constant – it varies. However, calculating cost per conversion is easy:

Cost per conversion = (Money spent on Facebook ads) / (Results Generated)

If the goal of your Facebook ad is to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, and you spent $200 to get 1,000 Likes, your cost per conversion will be:

($200) / (1,000 Likes) = $0.2 per Like

If the goal of your Facebook ads is to generate leads for your business, and you spent $2,000 to get 400 leads, your cost per conversion will be:

($2,000) / (400 Leads) = $5 per lead

How Do I Structure My Facebook Ads Campaigns to Get the Highest CVR?

To achieve a high conversion rate for Facebook ads, consider splitting your audiences into 3 buckets:

  • Top of the sales funnel
  • Middle of the sales funnel
  • Bottom of the sales funnel

Dividing your Facebook ad campaigns based on where your target audience is in the buying journey ensures the Facebook ads they see match their expectations.

To give you an example, a software company may have a bottom-of-the-funnel audience that is already using the FREE trial but is yet to become paying customers. The ads best-suited for such an audience need to be laser-focused on trying to convince the users to keep using the software product, highlighting success stories and reasons to get the paid version.

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