Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Getting started 

AdTargeting is a free tool for connecting more potential interest inspiration.
At the moment we stand out from other similar free services by a huge index and the best index update speed.
We continue to improve to provide customers with the latest and most practical Interests inspiration.
We have our own search crawlers and use data from our independent database. We are not affiliated with other search engines or similar services to use their data.
All data of AdTargeting is updated in real time. Please feel free to refer to the data presented.
AdTargeting provides 4 languages to search, including English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
In the future, our goal is to allow you to search interests in any language Facebook supported.

2. About Features

The Targeting page provides interests searching and results display. The detail page shows the Age and Gender, Relationship Status, Education, Job Title, Devices, Location and Top Country Interest and so on.
The results table has a column to show the audience sizes per interest. These are the "worldwide" audience sizes without any limitations like geolocation, demographics or placements.
Top chart provides a list of the most popular interests or keywords under different keyword sets. This helps you to save time and choose the most suitable keywords.
Even if you’re brand-new to Facebook or Google marketing, you can quickly try AdTargeting to target your interest audience.

3. About Account

All plans of AdTargeting are free now, and you can get different packages for free with simple activities.You can get Pro Plan access by inviting others.
Nope.The Pro Plan provides unlimited queries of Facebook interests research and
Google keywords research.
No. We do not provide the service of changing email.
Case 1: Can't remember your password and wish to reset it
You can do this by first clicking on "Sign in" on AdTargeting Homepage.Then click on "Forgot password".
By submitting your account's email address, you'll receive some instructions to reset your password in your inbox. Simply follow the instructions to retrieve a new password to your inbox.

Case 2: You know your password but wish to change it
You can do this by clicking "Change password" within your AdTargeting account profile.
Not the question/doubt you had in mind? Feel free to contact us.