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Get the search volume,Google CPC and Paid difficulty of keywords
Choose the best Keyword for your Google Ads Targeting
AdTargeting help you to optimize google ads and improve ROAS 

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AdTargeting's 4 services for Google Ad targeting

Keyword Explorer and Domain Analysis

Keywords are much important for google ads targeting. By searching keyword or domain in AdTargeting, you can find a large number of relevant keywords for your google ads targeting or website TDK.

Search Volume and Trend

By analyzing the history of keywords' search volume and trend, you can predict the google search performance of keywords in the future and choose the potential-hot keywords for your google ads targeting.

Google CPC and Paid difficult

AdTargeting provides search popularity, google CPC and other google ads cost indicators of each keyword. It can help you better judge the effectiveness of keyword advertising.

Top countries of searching

View the search volume distribution of keywords in different countries to help you better understand the geographic performance of Google keywords.

How to do Google ads targeting with AdTargeting?

Analysis Google keywords based on search volume,Google CPC, paid difficult to save your Google ads cost

google ads targeting


Get massive google ads keyword by one search

Search by keyword, to obtain massive related google keywords which contain infomation about search Volume,Google CPC, PD which are necessary for keywords researching.


Optimize your domain keywords to get more traffic

You can query the keywords of your website or competing sites, optimize TDK, and increase your site traffic.

google ads targeting
google ads targeting


Learn searching performance of each Google keyword

View PD, Popularity and Search Volume to learn the search performance. You can also judge the popular region by country volume and optimize google ads targeting

FAQ about Google Ads targeting

Google ads targeting also allows a business to focus on the people who are searching specifically for what they want. This means your business' searches can be continually refined so that only people who want to buy your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform.
1.You can get search volume and popularity of each keyword.
2.Get keywords from competitors to increase your website traffic
3.Learn searching performance and Google CPC of each Google keyword
1.Google ad cost data for each keyword, such as CPC and paid difficulty
2.Search volume and trend of Google keywords
3.Distribution of keyword search volume in popular countries
We have focused on ads targeting tool for more than 3 years. According to the actual experience feedback of users, our advertising audience data is very accurate, and we update and calibrate it in real time every day.

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This tool helps me create more cost-effective and more focused Facebook Ads. Without it, I would spend much more on leads and get fewer conversions.

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Maryam Amiri

I strongly recommend AdTargeting, a necessary tool for Facebook or Google advertisers and marketers. It has a larget number of Interest suggestions that help me a lot in ad targeting.

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Hossein Shams

I have use it over one years, it is helpful for my ads targeting. You can find a lot of hidden Interest and view the audience details to make better decisions about advertising.

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Sarah Johns

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