Analysis How Luxury Goods Target Facebook Ads Audience

Analysis How Luxury Goods Target Facebook Ads Audience

Imagine an advertising targeting tool that can help you find ideal customers based on user preferences, interests, and behavior habits. This tool can optimize advertising to deliver information to consumers who are most likely to convert, thereby saving you more time and money.

Facebook Ads can help you achieve the above goals. Many businesses use the Facebook platform, especially those e-commerce businesses that are just starting out and don’t have much advertising budgets. As long as you master the basics carefully, everyone can use Facebook advertising to accelerate the pace of brand growth.

Why advertise on Facebook?

With so many advertising platforms now, it may be a little difficult to decide which platform to advertise on. The Facebook platform is particularly popular among experienced merchants. We can summarize its advantages in the following three aspects:

Promote active user traffic

Many people use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. Although many people are reluctant to admit this, it really makes people addicted to it. It is said that Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, and these users spend much more time on Facebook than other social networks. The number of active user visits they bring to brand landing pages is really incalculable.

All likes and added contacts on Facebook and Instagram can provide advertisers with detailed user portraits to create targeted advertisement. Facebook advertisers can match products and services with user interests, characteristics, and behaviors to find audiences that are closest to their ideal customers.

Build brand awareness

Many brands have Facebook and Instagram corporate accounts, and through these accounts to establish contact with fans and customers. When you decide to place paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can set it as an official social page from the brand. Doing so can usually bring more exposure and fans to the brand, which is a big benefit of advertising on social platforms.

How to targeting Luxury brands audience via AdTargeting

Through "Targeting" function that entry "luxury good“ for luxury keywords, we can find out a total different targeting audience data.

Luxury goods

For Luxury goods, females occupy more than half of the audience size. 25-34 years-old users prefer to buy luxury goods compared to other age groups.

Through relationship analysis, we can see that married and single people prefer to buy luxury goods, Most of the users who like to buy luxury goods have their academic qualifications concentrated in college.

Through job analysis, it can be seen that the vast majority of users who like to buy luxury goods are in administrative positions, followed by sales personnel, and management personnel ranked third. The people with the lowest willingness to luxury goods are IT practitioners.

Compared with other countries, people in India and the United States have a stronger desire for luxury goods, followed by the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

If luxury brands want to advertise on Facebook, then the choice of keywords is also indispensable. Through Adtargeting, we can find that online shopping ranks first among luxury-related vocabulary, followed by shopping malls and discount stores. In the brand vocabulary, Dior ranks first, followed by Cartier and Givency.

In Facebook advertising, precise positioning is necessary, and copywriting is also very important.

Use numbers

Using numbers in Facebook ad copy is a great way to attract users’ attention.

Ask the question whose answer is "Yes"

One of Facebook's most powerful ad copywriting techniques is to differentiate users. One of the easiest ways to polarize users is to ask questions whose answer is "Yes". Only your target customers will answer these questions.

Include the URL in the ad copy

When you write a Facebook ad copy, it’s best to add the URL of the landing page to the copy. Although Facebook requires a URL in the website URL box, it is a smart move to include a URL in the text, which provides users with two clickable links. Including URLs in the text (and some well-written copy) can make your ads organic.

How to measure the ROI of your advertising spend?

When you are just starting to use your Facebook advertising strategy, it is difficult to predict whether you will get a good return from your current advertising campaign. A successful advertising campaign depends on many aspects, such as your campaign goal, region, and industry. For example, if your advertising campaign is designed to generate new sales leads.

Then the good results produced by advertising campaigns aimed at acquiring new product users and advertising campaigns aimed at acquiring website clicks may be very different. To measure the success of your advertising campaign, you need to look at the benchmark data of your region, industry, and the same target advertising, and then compare it with your CPC or CTR advertising data.

Doing like this can help you conduct an initial benchmark comparison, measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and help you gradually reduce advertising costs and increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns. However, don't just use these data for post-mortem analysis. You can plan your advertising goals around these known data.

When the advertising is over, you can analyze the effectiveness of your advertising, thereby reducing the cost of click (CPC) and increasing the click-through rate (CTR) for subsequent advertising campaigns.

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