What I Learned After Reading 100+ Facebook Ads Posts on Reddit

What I Learned After Reading 100+ Facebook Ads Posts on Reddit

Reddit is a great platform to learn about advertising, right? However, it's really hard to find valuable information in the many posts. Don't fret, we have researched a lot of the posts and compiled the best 8 Facebook advertising strategies on Reddit for you.

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Why Learn Facebook Ads from Reddit

Facebook advertising rules are getting more and more complex. If you want to increase the effect of Facebook ads, learning from experienced advertisers is the fastest way. In this case, Reddit has become the first choice for many business owners to learn about Facebook ads.

There are more than 25,000 people discussing Facebook ads strategies and tips on Reddit. Whether you want to learn from the top advertising experts or refer to the ad strategies of your peers, you can find the answer here. However, apart from the high-value advertising posts, many posts on Reddit are boring or even wrong. To avoid you wasting time searching for ad strategies, we've summarized the 8 most effective Facebook ad strategies on Reddit.

🔈Before we look at the Best Facebook ads strategies, let me talk to you about how we get reliable Facebook ads strategies on Reddit

First, we filter 100+ high-quality posts from Reddit with strict criteria. The posts all have lots of likes and good comments. We carefully check user comments, and only if most of the comments are supportive, do we mark it as a reliable post.

Besides, if you visit Reddit frequently, you'll know that many of the posts have different ideas, which is very confusing. To solve this problem, we spent 3 days analyzing these posts to summarize the common views people have about Facebook ads. Here is the absolute most authoritative and reliable Facebook advice, verified by tens of thousands of people. If you want to increase your Facebook ads conversion rate, just follow the methods below.

Top 8 Strategies for Optimizing Your Facebook Ads on Reddit

1. Optimize Facebook Ad Creativity to Impress Audience

Although Facebook ads have become very popular, there are still people who don't know what ads will get loved. Actually, not making your ad look like an ad is the best rule about Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads Reddit: Optimize Facebook Ad Creativity to Impress Audience

People expect to see friends and family sharing their lives on Facebook, not ads. Therefore, you need to create more natural ads to get higher CTR. Only when you impress your customers will they want to click on your ad.

To increase your advertising appeal, some Reddit users such as Farooq suggest using proven advertising frameworks:

  • Framework 1: AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Talk about something that interests people and grab their attention. Then, hit their needs and call on them to click your link.

  • Framework 2: PASA – Problem, Agitation, Solution, Action

Start the ad with a problem, talk specifically about it, point out the pain points for your customers to empathize with. Then give the solution - your product. Finally, call your customers to action.

Besides, using UGC components, images with benefits text are also frequently recommended ad creatives by Reddit users.

2. Utilize A Complete Advertising Structure

Every Facebook ad is composed of five different elements as shown below:

  • Primary ad text. 
  • Visual.
  • Call to action button (CTA).
  • Headline.
  • Description.
Facebook ads Reddit: utilize a complete advertising structure

 Facebook advertisers on Reddit generally agree that using all ad elements maximizes the effectiveness of your Facebook ads. We list a number of widely recognized optimization methods:

  • Don't make an ad copy too long - the ideal length for a headline is 5 words, 14 words for the main text, and 18 words for the description.
  • Use emojis in Facebook ads - Reddit advertisers find that emojis can make your ad seem more friendly and engaging.
  • Choose “Shop Now” CTA on Facebook ads - Reddit user antiregime has tested multiple times on over 400 advertising accounts, and “Shop Now” always outperforms any other CTA button.

3. Target High-value Advertising Audiences

As we all know, the more precise your audience targeting is, the lower your advertising costs will be. How to reach the highest value audience at the lowest cost? These strategies are widely supported on Reddit:

Use Facebook interest tools. Interest targeting is a good way to find potential audiences on Facebook. However, Facebook only offers 25 words of interest, and most advertisers use them, making competition very fierce. But there is a easy way to outperforming your competitors, you can use AdTargeting to find more than 500 Facebook interests shown as below:

Facebook Ads Reddit-Target High-value Advertising Audiences #1

Adtargeting provides detailed address, gender, and age information so that you have a deep understanding of your target customers.

Facebook Ads Reddit-Target High-value Advertising Audiences #2

Turn on Lookalikes. You've had some success with Facebook ads, right? Congratulations, you have targeted a precise group of audience. Well, you'd better turn on LAL, through this feature, your ads can reach more target audiences. Facebook's advanced algorithms can effectively help you expand your customer traffic. 

Separate your prospecting and retargeting audiences. For these 2 types of audiences, you should set up different advertising strategies. For the prospecting audience, the ad should let them know about the brand and the product, while for the retargeting audience, you need to promote their purchase. 

4. Study Competitors' Advertising Strategies

Most of the highly-liked Reddit posts argue that learning from competitors is very effective.

Reddit user antiregime thinks: “The insights that you get from a competitive analysis can really shape and improve all aspects of your business.” 

Just follow 5-10 of your competitors' Facebook pages and study the good ads they post, you can get a lot of advertising inspiration. 

If you think the process of learning about your competitors is too troublesome, you can use BigSpy to help you analyze your competitors. BigSpy collects huge amounts of advertising data and analyzes ads delivery and conversion effectiveness. Trust me, it will bring your business a lot of surprises!

Facebook Ads Reddit-Study Competitors' Advertising Strategies

5. Choose the Right Campaign Objective

What are your advertising goals? Brand awareness, traffic or conversions?

If you are an e-commerce seller, choosing Conversion can bring the most sales. Facebook is able to find the right people who are most likely to buy your product. Reddit user antiregime has found through practice that Conversion objectives can effectively reduce ads CAC and increase CR.

Facebook ads Reddit-choose the right campaign objective

Of course, some advertisers would consider Traffic to bring higher benefits than Conversion. Actually, choosing traffic will only result in Facebook finding you a lower quality audience that will only view your site, but not necessarily convert. In short, conversion is the best campaign objective.

6. Track your Advertising Data

After the launch of iOS14, advertisers lost a lot of ad data. It became very difficult to optimize ads without sales data. To solve this problem, experienced advertisers on Reddit have suggested quite a few ways to track data.

- Set up a conversion API (cAPI)

Conversion API is a tool that links to Shopify, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and ultimately improve your website tracking.

- Implement UTM in your ads

UTM is a piece of code you put in your ad that allows Google Analytics to track the number of clicks and conversions.

- Use 3rd party to track data

Software such as Hyros, TripleWhale, etc. can help you capture your ad placement data. However, it is worth warning that these programs are expensive.

7. Understand Facebook Ad Metrics

Understanding the metrics of Facebook ads is necessary to optimize your ads. You should know the metrics about money, which directly affects the revenue of your business:

  • ROAS - It indicates the amount of revenue earned for each dollar spent in the campaign. In general, a ROAS of 4 ($4 in revenue for every $1 spent) or higher usually indicates a successful campaign. Of course, this is not absolute, as benchmarks vary from industry to industry. When your ROAS is too low, you need to beware, it's time to adjust your advertising strategy.
  • CPA - It is the price required when an ad causes a sale (or action). With CPA, you can study how effective your ads are. If your CPA  is too high, it may mean that your advertising result is bad.
  • Average order value - It is the average dollar amount a customer spends each time they place an order on your site. According to AOV, you can understand consumers' price preferences and set up appropriate marketing campaigns in your ads.

8. Stick to Practicing Facebook Ads

What is the best Facebook ads course? This is a common question in Reddit's Facebook ads community. Reddit user Severe_Perception706 has spent over $25,000 to learn Facebook ads and has taken all of the courses. Eventually, he concluded: “There is no course that will help you get better with Facebook ads than actually doing it yourself over and over again.”

Facebook Ads Reddit: Stick to practicing Facebook ads

Of course, there is no belief that it is wrong to take Facebook courses. Facebook ads courses can help you quickly and systematically understand Facebook advertising rules, and improve your advertising skills. However, you shouldn't think of Facebook ads courses as the holy grail. The tactic you learn on the course is temporary, and once enough people adopt it, it will become saturated. 

It's through ads practice that you can learn what ads your customers interested in and know exactly when you need to adjust your advertising strategy. We suggest constant advertising practice, in this way, you'll build yourself a set of guidelines for ad placement. Whatever problems you encounter in advertising, you can solve them your way.

The 4 Best Communities for Facebook Ads on Reddit

The best Reddit Facebook ads communities:

Facebook Ads - 25.6k Members

This is a community to discuss best practices and strategies involved in running successful Facebook ad campaigns.

PPC - 117k Members

This is a community to discuss Pay-per-Click & other digital ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising & other digital advertising platforms.

Marketing - 193k Members

This is a community for marketing communications and advertising industry professionals to discuss and ask questions related to marketing strategy, media planning, digital, social, search, campaigns, data science and so on.

Digital Marketing - 154k Members

This is a community for digital marketing news, best practices, strategy, and learning.

FAQs about Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which Is Better?

This is determined by the products and services you offer. Google ads are best for products and services that people are actively searching for, such as home renovation, plumbing repair, etc. However, Facebook ads are best for products that the target audience is not necessarily actively searching for but may be interested in, such as electronics, clothing, fitness, etc.

What Are the Best Facebook Ads tools?

We recommend you these top Facebook advertising tools that can easily save you time and money: 

AdTargeting - This is the best Facebook interest targeting tool, providing 500,000+ keywords to help you find the hidden or niche adwords of massive audiences. It can help you maximize the ROI of your Facebook ads.

BigSpy - This is the best and cheapest ad spy tool, providing more than 850,000 ad materials. It can help you find creative advertising strategies to win in the accumulated market competition.

AdEspresso -  An all-in-one digital advertising platform that lets you manage campaigns across Facebook Ads and other ad networks such as Google. AdEspresso simplifies ad management for your team by providing a centralized place for collaboration, optimization, analysis and reporting.

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