Best Tools to Spy on Facebook Ads in 2021

Best Tools to Spy on Facebook Ads in 2021

With the release of iOS14.0.0, the limitations of advertising on iOS are getting bigger and bigger, and the tracking of advertising effects will be more inconvenient. In this case, spy on Facebook ads will become more important for people who advertise on Facebook.

For advertisers, Facebook Ad Spy is very important. Here I will introduce a few Facebook Ad Spy tools that I often use.

AdTargeting is a tool to help with Facebook advertising. You can find more interests hidden in the background of Facebook advertising. Recently, AdTargeting launched a new module "Advertiser". In this function, you can find thousands of advertisers' information and check the status of related advertisements. The advertiser function has several features that can help you better spy on facebook ads:

  • You can search thousands of related Facebook pages by keywords

For example: searching for book will return 3377 Facebook pages information, allowing you to have more references to a certain industry. You can see the number of ads delivered on the page, the advertising trends, and the related products delivered on the search list. To better provide you with the actual advertising information of competitors.

  • Enter the detailed analysis of the page, you can complete all the information of the spy page, and help you make better decisions

Entering the detailed analysis of the page, you can first see the basic information of the page, and judge the activity and audience size of the page through the number of followers and likes of the page and the page classification.

First of all, you will see the delivery trend of the page, you can understand in what time period competitors mainly place advertisements, and how many advertisements are placed at the corresponding time, so as to judge whether your advertisements are reasonable at this time. You can also filter and view by time period.

Secondly, you can see the word map of the competitor's page, you can judge the basic interest range of the competitor, understand the audience's preferences of the page, so as to help you judge what type of advertisement is more suitable for this type of page, and judge the interactive effect of the advertisement.

You can also see the country distribution, platform distribution, and material type distribution of competitors' ads.

Finally, the most important thing is to be able to view the creatives of the page. AdTargeting will provide thousands of creatives data, find more popular materials, so as to help you to make better materials. Here also provides a very convenient screening method, such as country/platform/material type/time, you can quickly select the material you need. Compared to Facebook Ad Library, AdTargeting can provides more pages, so you can find more creatives.


We can see that you can view all the advertisements on the platform of Facebook, Instagram, Youtbe, Admob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. You can enter keywords, select language, country, and type of advertisement (video, image, text) , Device type (pc terminal, ios, Android).

In addition, you can also filter those who are running cod (cash on delivery), whether the website building program used is shopify, woocommerce, magento or prestashop, etc.


Here you can enter keywords, and then view the ads of competitors, for example, enter "free shipping", "50% off" and so on, you can see the ads of several platforms such as fb, ins, Twitter, and pin.

Generally speaking, this tool is helpful for product selection. If you don't know what product to run, you can find some popular products in this tool to follow along and find the feeling.

ADCostly is divided into three functional sections. The Audience section is the keyword expansion section. Here we enter the baking section, and we can see that there are 34 search results, and there are suggestions here. The suggestions also give us 42 results. Suggestions The words are all related to our search terms, mainly to help us expand our thinking. In fact, we can also re-enter the search results into the search box, so that new expansion words appear again, and we can get hundreds of interest words after going back and forth. Moreover, the number of audiences and the price of CPC and CPM for each interest word are marked, and advertising costs can also be more secure.

In addition, ADCostly has two sections, namely CPC and CPA. These two sections mainly show the average CPC, CPM, CTR, and CPA of different industries, different platforms and different times. We have seen the annual average CPC, CPM and other data reports produced by many websites, but they cannot be searched in real time. ADCostly actually realizes the real-time query function. Choose your industry, the time period you want, or even what you think of. CTA, its cost changes can be queried, and age and gender are also analyzed in detail.

When the advertisement is launched, after you check the data, will there be more audiences for your advertisement? Your user portraits become more accurate, and advertising costs are no longer just thinking out of thin air. There is a direct improvement in the situation that advertising costs are not billed.

Ad text: Here you can also choose Comments, Advertiser Name, URL, Landing Page URL, Landing Page Text.

Here you can enter keywords, advertiser name, store website, product website, landing page keywords, etc. to search for ads.

Through keyword search, we can know in detail, the number of likes this ad increases every day, the proportion of males, females, and age group. You can see the following picture. This ad runs 40-50, 50-60, 60- The three age groups of 70 are very unexpected. Generally, people who run this product may run the two younger age groups 20-30 and 30-40.

There are many advertising marketing tools. These are products that I think are not bad. The prices are not very expensive. You can try them out. Secondly, I think you must learn to use tools to make your advertising more accurate and effective. Better, so as to save budget, I wish you a better advertising effect.