Facebook Audience Insight Alternative 2021-AdTargeting

Facebook Audience Insight Alternative 2021-AdTargeting

Facebook audience insight is unavailable now

Facebook Audience Insight is a powerful tool to plan and create your campaigns and relevant ads. It also shows you more detail of audiences by demographics, interests, and behaviors. But it is unavailable since July 1, 2021, which is not good news for Facebook businesses.

Facebook Audience Insight Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Audience Insight is unavailable

According to Facebook via Business Help Centre, "Audience Insights will no longer be available starting 1 July 2021. Instead, we recommend that people use Facebook Business Suite Insights, which is a tool that allows you to access your audience insights across Facebook and Instagram. " But is Facebook business suite the best alternative? 

On Mari Smith's Facebook post, (the QUEEN of Facebook, and Facebook Marketing Expert), many of her followers have expressed their disappointment towards the matter. Some said that Facebook is taking useful things away and only adding not so useful tools instead. While others have also mentioned that Facebook is broken and are forcing them to look for another Facebook audience insight tool.

Facebook audience insight alternative: AdTargeting

AdTargeting is a Facebook interest targeting tool that provides a powerful keyword searching feature that helps you discover hidden Facebook interests and get the audience insight behind every word. 

Features Facebook Business Suite AdTargeting
Ad platform Facebook Facebook, Google, TikTok
Number of recommended interest words Only 25 No restrictions
Data of potential audience insight Age,Gender,Top city,Top page Age,Gender,Top city,Top page
Supported countries all countries top 10 countries
Audience analysis of the whole world No support Support
Discover the competitor's page No support Support

In terms of features, the audience insight analysis dimensions of the two tools are the same. They can all help you find the precise audience. But there's no doubt that AdTargeting can bring you the most high-value customers at a much lower cost! Why is that? I'll explain it to you below.

As you know, Facebook Audience Insight will provide you with 25 interests to target the audience, which, obviously, are not enough to cover all of your target audience. However, AdTargeting has a far greater number of interests than Facebook Audience Insight. For example, AdTargeting can provide you with 80 relevant interest words for the fitness audience. With these interests, you can precisely target audiences.


Moreover, if you use Facebook Audience Insight, since the majority of your competitors are using the 25 interests to target audiences, the competition is fierce. With that, the CPA of your ads becomes high. But if you use AdTargeting, you can target audiences with a wide range of niche interests. This makes it easy for you to get customers, and effectively increase your ad reach and ROI.

AdTargeting Reviews

You probably want to know what other users think of AdTargeting, right? AdTargeting has more than 30,000 users and most of them are satisfied with AdTargeting. Let's see what they say about AdTargeting.

@shadow B

When I run ad campaigns for my clients, there is always a keyword dilemma. It usually manifests in not finding the right points of interest in Facebook ads, because the points of interest and suggestions provided by Facebook Ads Manager are not enough. And most of them are already being used by competitors in the same industry. In the case of Google Ads, you may spend a lot of money on some keywords but end up with nothing. All of this was very frustrating for me.

Now I have AdTargeting, which is an exciting measure to save ad dollars for Facebook ads and Google ads. You can find more hidden Facebook interests with just a few clicks. And, it also provides the most economical Google keywords!

Most importantly, the comparison function gives me a lot of convenience. I can view a detailed comparison of different keywords, which is very helpful.
I love it!

@Aditya S

I like AdTargeting! It can easily Find Hidden Interests which can make your Facebook ads more effective. You can reach Relevant Audiences at Lower Your Costs of CPA which can make a huge profits in business.

@Linmo C

AdTargeting is an amazing website. It is very valuable for advertising.

When advertising, we tend to put too much emphasis on the ad itself and ignore the importance of the audience and the precise keywords. This is the part we need to pay attention to. AdTargeting helps us to find the audience analysis for each keyword.

AdTargeting is helpful to me.

How to get audience insight with AdTargeting?

For example, you want to know the audience's information about "poker". Just enter the keyword and select the advertising platform. 

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Search Facebook interest "poker"

Then you will get a series of Interest words about "poker".

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Get related facebook interest

As for the related interest "Online poker", the direct form data shows:

  • the audience size of "online poker" is 177.7M in the whole word
  • gender distribution: Male/Female=60.5%/39.5%
  • popular age:43%

Click "Online poker" you will get audience insight with geographic and age information

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Audience insight of "Online poker"

As for the google keyword of "Online poker", you can get "Pd&Popularity" "Top Countries" 

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Google keyword information of "online poker"

If you only focus on the audience insight in a certain country, such as the USA, you can also view the audience distribution in popular cities.

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Top city of "online poker" in USA

Spy on Facebook ads with AdTargeting

How to spy on Facebook ads with AdTargeting? Just enter the keyword "poker" and search on AdTargeting, you can get all the Facebook pages about "poker", it shows all the Facebook ads, competitors.

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Facebook ad pages of "poker"

On the detail page, you can get all the advertising information of your competitors, such as advertising trends, platforms, geographical distribution. 

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Advertising information of your competitors

Spy on Facebook ads and find the advertising ideas of competitors, you can spend less time to get more inspiration.

Facebook Audience Insights Alternative 2021-AdTargeting
Ad creatives of your competitors


As the best alternative to Facebook Audience Insight, AdTargeting goes far beyond Facebook Audience Insight. if you are not only satisfied with viewing audience insights, but also need to improve the efficiency of your ads or monitor Facebook ads, AdTargeting is a very good helper. It can help you maximize the ROI of your ad audience targeting and get more creative inspiration.

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