5 Strengthen Ways To Target Fitness Audience On Facebook Ad

5 Strengthen Ways To Target Fitness Audience On Facebook Ad

With the acceleration of life rhythm, people pay more and more attention to their physical health, sports and fitness have become a part of many people's lives. More and more people are joining in fitness, and fitness-related industries are becoming more and more popular. In Facebook ad marketing, how to accurately target a fitness audience? Accurate audience targeting can reduce advertising costs and obtain more benefits. What do you need to do to accurately target fitness people?

Analysis of fitness audience: What makes fitness people different?

Characteristics of fitness people:
1. lose weight: Many fitness people initially joined this team to lose weight. In the process of losing weight, they felt the joy of fitness and became a fitness enthusiast.
2. Healthy diet: Everyone who loves fitness pays attention to diet, they will not overeating and will not eat too much-processed food. Most fitness people will control their diet, they calculate the daily intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.
3. Love sports: Fitness lovers must love sports, they arrange exercise plans according to their goals. If they find that a certain body part is weak, they will track the changes of the body every day, and carry out training and improvement. Fitness people prefer to do exercises that promote metabolism.
4. Like to go to the gym: Fitness people are gathering, they generally go to the gym for professional training. And they are enthusiastic helpers, they will give their own opinions on fitness issues.
5. Regular life: People who love fitness generally have regular healthy or even habits, for example: they will add appropriate water, regular diet time, sufficient night sleep time, etc.
6. Share a healthy life: Many fitness people will share their fitness routine.
7. Follow fitness magazines: Fitness people will follow fitness magazines and learn more fitness skills.

How does Facebook ad target audiences for fitness people?

Through the analysis of the audience of fitness audience, we set suitable audience targeting conditions in Facebook ads:
1. country / region:
Countries that have a high passion for fitness include: the United States, India, and the United Kingdom.

2. age:
The majority of the fitness population is concentrated between 25 and 34 years old.

3. gender:

The gender ratio of fitness is: women account for 70% and men 30%.

4. interest:
Through the country, the audience of fitness enthusiasts targeted by age and gender is too large, and we need to target the core audience more accurately through relevant interest keywords. Both Facebook Ad Manager and Facebook Audience Insights can help advertisers choose fitness-related interest words, but these official tools can only show us some interest words, it is not comprehensive.
Here, I use a free Facebook interest targeting tool to filter out fitness-related interest - AdTargeting.
AdTargeting is a free online tool that helps advertisers find suitable and interesting words through keyword search and advanced filtering. Its database of advertising interest words comes from Facebook, enter "fitness" in AdTargeting, we can get thousands of related interests, and classify these keywords to get the following results:

fitness interest - AdTargeting

Common interest words for fitness:

Interest Audience
Weight Loss (Fitness & wellness) 33,751,520 People
Fitness Girls 10,533,280 People
Physical fitness 749,227,410 People
Fitness Tips 300,820 People
Health club 166,919,870 People
Snap Fitness 30,630 People
Men's Fitness 26,079,332 People
Bodybuilding & Fitness 16,307,451 People

Types of fitness for fitness enthusiasts:

Interest Audience
Sport & Fitness 25,078,190 People
Bodybuilding & Fitness 371,147,110 People
International Pole Dance Fitness Association 30,239 People
Pole Dance & Fitness 475,563 People
GoodLife Fitness 3,030,910 People
Pure Fitness 60,770 People
Nordic walking 1,006,580 People
Diet Fitness 73,840 People

Fitness clothing and equipment related:

Interest Audience
Fitness Apparel 16,580 People
Slim-fit pants 25,630,940 People
Exercise equipment 52,744,298 People
Elliptical trainer 1.53M
Exercise machine 3.11M
NordicTrack 4.14M
StreetStrider 0.54M
Cybex International 2.50M
Treadmill 18.75M
Dumbbell 18.56M

Fitness food:

Interest Audience
Zone diet 0.17M
Atkins diet 2.63M
Low-carbohydrate diet 41.50M
Dukan Diet 0.48M
Healthy diet 152.98M
Low-fat diet 1.82M
Victorious Fitness Supplements 166,919,870 People

Fitness software:

Interest Audience
Garmin Fitness 5,318,140 People
Fitness app 234,130 People
Australian Fitness Network 16,307,451 People

Fitness Magazine:

Interest Audience
Inside Fitness Magazine 25,838,560 People
FitnessRx for Women Magazine 443,610 People
Health and Fitness Magazine 10,690 People
Fitness (magazine) 33,751,520 People


Interest Audience
Total Fitness Gym 14,750 People
EVO Fitness 265,830 People
Vida Fitness 5,061,310 People
California Family Fitness 5,061,310 People
Go! Fitness 362,030 People
MapMyFitness 65,880 People

Fitness competition:

Interest Audience
Fitness and figure competition 9,656,650 People
International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness 18,025,110 People

Fitness related brand:

Interest Audience
Ben Greenfield Fitness 44,816,920 People
Planet Fitness 9,536,250 People
Bally Total Fitness 58,440 People
Equinox Fitness 3,120,469 People

AdTargeting not only provides the most relevant interest list, but it can also analyze the audience of each interest and the relevant Facebook Page. In addition, it will recommend the 10 most relevant interest words, so your interest choices are not only the search results provided by AdTargeting, but also expanded keywords for each interest.

Benefits of using AdTargeting to target fitness enthusiasts

1. Find and target a more accurate audience.
Compared with location targeting methods such as geographic location, gender, and age, interest targeting must be more precise. After using AdTargeting, interest keyword selection is not limited to the 25 keywords provided by Facebook. Advertisers can get thousands of the most relevant interests through AdTargeting, and you can classify the interests for A/B testing.

2. Target competitors or customers with similar services.

We all know that we can target competitors' Facebook Page fans through interest words, but how to choose suitable interest words? AdTargeting analyzes the affinity of each interest word and Facebook Page, and you can see the Facebook Page that matches the interest word best.

3. With AdTargeting, traditional Facebook ads can be combined with higher precision.
AdTargeting's interest word data comes from Facebook, helping advertisers see more relevant interests more clearly.
AdTargeting uses its big data analysis capabilities to analyze the demographic characteristics of each interest, such as audience country, gender, and age.

4. Reduce Facebook advertising costs
AdTargeting aims to target audiences more accurately and serve ads to more suitable audiences. This reduces unnecessary display of ads, improves click-through rates, and reduces advertising costs. If you want to get more about advertising costs, you can join the advertising Facebook group to participate in the discussion.

The process of using AdTargeting to target fitness audience:

1. Open the AdTargeting targeting page: https://adtargeting.io/interest-targeting/, enter the interest word: "fitness", and click "Find Targeting" to get all relevant interests.

2. Classify all the words of interest and sort them by the audience. The classification generally includes: commonly used interests, different types of interests, relevant interests of interested audiences in purchasing behavior, and competitors’ brand words.

3. Complementing the interest words and detailed audience analysis, AdTargeting has extensions for each interest. Click on any interest, you can see the analysis results and supplement important interest words.

4. Competitor Facebook Page fan targeting, analysis of interest words in the industry, and the affinity value of competitors.

5. Advertisers can also use AdTargeting to analyze demographics, etc. More usage methods are worth discovering.