Facebook interest lists and audience analysis tutorial [2021 update]

Facebook interest lists and audience analysis tutorial [2021 update]

An ad trafficker has done such an AB test experiment: the same advertising content and budget are put into two different Facebook groups, what will the final effect be? After a month of data accumulation, the final AB experiment data results are different. The data results are as follows:

  CPC Clicks 
Group One $0.142 1,103
Group Two $0.03 278

The advertising content and budget here are exactly the same, so what is the reason for this gap?

Yes, it is the audience group.

The audience group is also an important factor that affects the advertising ROI, and the audience group is positioned by different advertising words, so we need to find the most comprehensive Facebook interest lists, and then conduct a detailed audience analysis of this batch of lists. The following are Facebook interest lists compiled using AdTargeting, which are involved in different industries.

Business and Industry


Family and relationships

Fitness and wellness

Food and drink

Hobbies and activities

Shopping and fashion

Sports and outdoors


AdTargeting View interest audience

AdTargeting is a tool for Facebook ’s interest search and audience analysis. We can search keywords to find relevant interests, thereby expanding our audience. At the same time, this tool can make detailed user portraits of keywords, including User age, gender, country distribution, education level, marital status and other information, these user portrait data can better help us choose the appropriate audience range.

We already have the above Facebook interest lists, we can use the AdTargeting tool to specifically analyze the data of an interest, and at the same time find more relevant interests and expand the scope of users. Here takes "Advertising" in Facebook interest lists as an example for detailed audience analysis and display.

We open AdTargeting to enter the interest section, we can enter the "Advertising" to find what we need. The related interests are below, It has 4 pages of related interests.

Then we find Advertising, click to enter the details page, where we can see all the user information of Advertising. First of all, we can see that the audience of Advertising is 513,047,950. Then top3 countries are India (10.8%), United States (8.1%), Brazil (7%). Top3 ages + genders are: 25-34 M (37.6%), 25-34 F (32.9%), 18-24 M (24.1%).

Then we can see the age and Gender, 55.5% of the people who focus on Advertising are men, 44.5% are women, and men from 24 to 34 years old account for the main group, and 18 to 44 years old are the main user groups. This group of users is what we need to consider.

In the relationship status, we can see that the main people are single or engaged. This part is also mainly young people. At the same time, the education level of these batches of users is mostly university level, which is very consistent with the current status quo . This group of users was mainly born after 1990, they grew up with technology, and they are also highly concerned about advertising.

We can also know from the occupations of the people who follow advertising. The above data shows that the devices used by users are mainly accessed by mobile phones and computers. The number of mobile phone users using Android system to access is very large, which can account for 81.1%. These data also have a certain reference for advertising, if the advertisement can be targeted to the user system, then we can get a more accurate positioning.

Next is the distribution of countries. We can see that India is the main visiting area. The second place is the United States, followed by Brazil and Mexico. These data are very helpful for us to release specific countries.

The last two items show related interests and Page. The system will automatically display the content related to the keywords we searched, and at the same time mark the number of users they follow, which can be expanded to more fields when we choose interests. There may be a lot of our hidden users for the interests that were not covered before. You can find them by referring here.


This article is provided to the Facebook interests list of various industries, and also tells everyone how to view and analyze the interest of the audience.Hope it can help you. If you want more information, please follow me!