Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: Beginner's Guide

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: Beginner’s Guide

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people spend more and more time at home, offline promotion is not effective, and more and more companies are focusing on online advertising. At this time, you can use one of the most effective and lowest cost marketing programs-Facebook ads.

Why local businesses should use Facebook ads

  • Social media is more cost-effective than traditional advertising

Modern advertising based on online media has incomparable advantages over traditional advertising:

  1. The Internet has broken through time and geographical constraints. The audience is unmatched by traditional advertising.
  2. The spread speed is fast. As we all know, the network uses optical fiber. Traditional advertising is the "horse and horse" of ancient times.
  3. Online advertising can track the effectiveness of advertising. Obviously traditional advertising can't, it can only be estimated.
  4. Optimization of investment returns. Online advertising completely adopts a completely different return method from traditional advertising.
  5. Advertising and purchase are completed in one step, greatly reducing operating costs.
  6. Interactivity. In traditional mass media, one-way compulsory buying and selling are conducted, which is a seller's market. On the other hand, online advertising multimedia realizes interactive trading, which is one-to-one communication. Information feedback that cannot be achieved by traditional media can be easily achieved in the age of information networks.
  • Facebook develops long-term relationships with local communities.

Facebook is the largest user-friendly social platforms at present, and users with accounts can get in touch with friends effortlessly. These social media can be used not only to gather new friends and keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances, but also to help users manage all social connections with others well. Social media can regulate interpersonal relationships well and make it easy for people to keep in touch with friends. Specifically, through social media management of the circle of friends, a person can have more friends than in the past, and social platforms can also reduce the risk of making many friends.

  • Facebook provides educational and value-based advertising methods

Accurately locate the group attribute; Advertising is highly interactive; The spread of advertising has a great influence; The customer value of advertising is to make the advertisement a piece of usable information, not an advertisement.

Use Facebook ads for local business

  • Location targeting

The core audience is the default targeting option for Facebook ads. Targeting conditions are set at the ad group level. If you want to advertise to different audiences at different auctions, you can create separate ad groups for each audience segment. Building a core audience on Facebook helps marketers adjust advertising based on demographic data, regions, interests, and relationships.

  • Targeting the age and gender of local businesses

You can choose the right audience through your own business, where you have to focus on the age and gender of the audience of your product. For example, you promote a cosmetic product. This is the basic characteristic of your audience group and can be set as 18-25 year old women. This way you will save a lot of advertising budget.

  • Targeting the interest of local companies

At the same time, the audience can be further optimized through the audience's interest. You can use some interest words to determine the audience of your products. For example, if you want to launch an online doctor, you can choose some Telemedicine, EHealth, Digital health, and these relatively good interests for advertising, so as to maximize the advertising ROI. You can use AdTargeting to find more hidden interests.

Enrich advertising content

  • Use video creatives

The principle of video advertising incentives is that users receive rewards after watching a short ten-second video, which not only reduces the interruption of users to a large extent, but also allows users to receive rewards for free. Incentive video advertising is combined with game links and gameplay, without destroying the entire game ecology, and providing opportunities for users who do not have the willingness to pay to obtain value-added services. For users, rewards can be obtained; for developers, realizable income can be achieved; for advertisers, high conversion rates can be achieved. Therefore, rewarded video advertising has become the most popular form of advertising. You can use BigSpy to find more video creatives.

  • Drive blog traffic

You can also get good traffic through blog, build blog content, operate fans, attract fans through blog, and do more promotion. Improve the exposure of advertisements through the recommendations of some well-known blogs.

Avoid easy mistakes made by local marketers

  • Not investing enough time or money

This is best understood. Generally speaking, advertisements are charged according to CPM (charge per thousand impressions), CPC (charge per click) or CPA (charge per conversion), and the advertisement will stop showing when the budget is exhausted on the day.
For example: a daily budget of 1,000 yuan, and it will be spent at noon, so that the opportunity to display from the afternoon to the evening is missed, so the budget is directly related to the number of impressions and clicks.

You can query Facebook advertising price information through AdCostly, which can provide you with more bidding strategies.

  • Make the wrong strategy
  1. If the unit price of the product is too low, put it cautiously
  2. The advertising needs to be concentrated, to avoid even advertising, and to put the advertising budget on the products that they are focusing on.
  3. If there are multiple products in the same series, select the SKU that is most in line with the public's aesthetics, and if there are multiple sub-units in a variant listing, select the sub-body that is most in line with the public's aesthetics for placement.
  4. For long-term investment-output ratios that are not cost-effective, and after various optimizations still fail to reach the expected listing, advertising should also be suspended, and when the cause of the loss cannot be determined, not blindly moving is also an operation method worth thinking about.

In the long run, advertising will stabilize with the accumulation and optimization of data. Therefore, it is normal for the cost of the test and investment stage to be higher. But many companies will feel that testing should not cost too much and set a relatively low budget for testing. In general, this situation will end with "The effect is not good, do not continue to vote", because the effect of the test phase itself is unstable. If the budget is small and the time is short, the effect will definitely not be better. facebook ads for local businesses can indeed help companies get better advertising benefits.