How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients: Best Ideas for You

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients: Best Ideas for You

Learning how to run Facebook ads is a skill that can also become a career. Whether you’re new to marketing or someone who is trying to work in a certain industry, learning to run Facebook ads for your clients can be a great addition to your resume!

But things aren’t that easy, so how do you go about it? Start learning now!

Create Facebook advertising accounts for clients

The first step in learning how to run Facebook ads for your clients is to create Facebook ad accounts for them. If the client already has an ad account, then you just need to get access, otherwise, it needs to be reset.

Apply to be added as a partner and administrator

If they already have a business manager, tell your client to go to the “People” tab on “Business Settings” and enter your email address where it says “Add”. In this way you can contact the business manager directly and avoid a lot of communication hassles.

Request access to their business fan page using their URL

Go to “Business Settings” and click on the tab that shows “Pages”. On this tab, you can request access to their company’s Facebook fan page by clicking “Add” and then clicking “Request access to page”.

Use their ad account ID to request access to their ad account

Go to “Business Settings” and click on the tab that shows “Ad Accounts”. From there, click the same blue button that shows “Add” and then click “Request Access to Ad Account”. Then, enter their ad account ID.

How to run Facebook ads for clients

Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience is crucial for Facebook advertising, if the audience is wrongly targeted, then all other efforts are in vain. Then you need to know that getting more hidden interests that your competitors don’t know is pivotal! Facebook’s official interests are not comprehensive, each search result shows up only about 25 interests, which can not fully match sellers’ needs.

You can use the Facebook interest targeting tool for help. AdTargeting is one of the best, it helps advertisers get many hidden interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering.

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients: Best Ideas for You-AdTargeting

Provide the right offer

On the one hand, using Facebook’s lowest cost bidding strategy can keep the advertising cost low, on the other hand, it can let you get more advertising positions. This strategy is very suitable for advertisers with less budget. You can also set a bidding ceiling to ensure that your cost is lower than a certain value.

In addition, make sure your ad fits your sales strategy. For example, if you want to sell a book, try a “free + delivery” or bundle offer. You also can try a limited-time coupon code to incentivize people to buy.

The key is to figure out what brings your customers to your online store, and then increase their desire for the product.

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients: Best Ideas for You-AdTargeting
Big Ads Example from BigSpy

Use high quality images and videos

To attract users to buy online, high-quality images are needed to help fans imagine the product in their hands. You are more likely to increase engagement and sales if your target audience can visualize themselves with your product, so make it as easy as possible.

Video ads can show the features of the product more visually, and now that short videos are king, users are often more easily attracted to video content. Most importantly, video allows you to make the personal connections that regular print ads can’t. The following is a search for Nike’s ads on AdTargeting, you can see that most of them are in video:

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients: Best Ideas for You-AdTargeting
Facebook ads of Nike -AdTargeting

Manage Facebook ads for multiple clients

If you are an agency running Facebook ads, or someone who runs Facebook ads as a career, then here are a few things you need to focus on.

Reduce irrelevant work

Since you have to manage several clients’ Facebook ads at the same time, the first thing you need to do is to reduce irrelevant work. For example, if you have a great video idea that is perfect for a client, but your skills are not at a professional level, then you can hand it off to someone who is more qualified to do the job.

Create a work schedule

Creating a work schedule is a great way to increase productivity. Setting up a work schedule can also help you find your own pace of work.

For example, everyone has a “prime time” of the day, which is probably the best time of the day for you to work, so take advantage of it. There are also regular tasks such as checking the status of your client’s ad account and reviewing ad data every day.

Pay attention to prioritization

This is the most important. When you have multiple clients, not every client is always important or urgent. Prioritizing what is important and urgent can avoid causing major mistakes in your work.