9 Facebook Ad Hacks To Improve Reach And ROI

You may look for a direct and affordable method to communicate with your target audience if you are a business owner or business manager. Social media marketing, especially Facebook, is a popular and effective option.

As the competition for Facebook advertising becomes more and more fierce, the cost of Facebook ads has also increased. This is a problem because for every 1% increase in CPM, the ROI decreases by 1%. Regardless of ad pricing, Facebook is still one of the best advertising platforms for reaching a cold audience and turning them into a warm audience. 

Under this situation, advertisers may need to revise their content or overall marketing approach to generate better results. However, most advertisers may also be able to take advantage of several relatively unknown Facebook hacks to more fully benefit from all that Facebook offers.

If you have been looking for an exceptional way to improve reach and ROI of your Facebook ads for social media marketing while also saving time and energy in the process, just consider these followed effective Facebook ad hacks of several aspects:

Optimize advertising materials

1. Text in Facebook video ads

It seems like a simple idea, but surprisingly, not everyone uses it. According to Facebook research, 80% of users react negatively to unexpected video content. By adding text to introduce the content of your video ads, the targeted users are more likely to watch the video in a positive attitude, which helps improve the conversion rate.

There are many benefits of this Facebook ad hack:

  • Make your Facebook video ads attractive to hearing impaired audiences
  • Even in a noisy environment, anyone can understand your ad
  • Subtitles for video ads can give people a reason to watch until the end, and Facebook allows you to upload your own subtitles or use their automatically generated subtitles

2. Use more colors

As long as it doesn't violate your brand and company information, colorful Facebook ads can help your information stand out on busy news sources, which are often filled with colorful scenes and images of users' friends and family members.

If your advertisement is usually light in color and heavy in text, why not change  the color and restrict the text? By adding some brightness to your Facebook ads, you may encourage more users interact with your ads and your business.

3. Include links

Although Facebook ads is equipped with convenient buttons that users can click to go to your landing page, you should not rely solely on it to attract potential customers to your site. A simple Facebook ad hack is to add a link to the text that points to the page you want to target with the ad, in addition to the buttons Facebook has already placed on your ad.

Target the Right Audience

4. Target the right audience with interest

Choose the suitable interest is very important step in Facebook ad setting. But Facebook Ads Manager only shows just 25 interest suggestions at present and every single one among a large number of marketers gets the exact same interest recommendations which resulting in more intense advertising competition.

Fortunately, Facebook interest targeting tool such as AdTargeting which can be used to target hidden Facebook interests far more than 25.

AdTargeting is a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers explore thousands of related interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering.

9 Facebook Ad Hacks To Improve Reach and ROI-AdTargeting

You can also get the analysis of audience for the targeted interest and compare two interests to pick the most appropriate one in AdTargeting.

5. Target Facebook ads to competitor's fans

You can use  Facebook pages to target competitor's fans.  Facebook pages in AdTargeting is a list of pages that are ranked by affinity. Affinity means how likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook. So if you see a very high affinity score, it will be extremely likely that the audience you selected will also like those pages. So we can use it to find the pages which fans of competitors might like, thereby finding the characteristics of these pages and targeting fans of competitors.

9 Facebook Ad Hacks To Improve Reach and ROI-AdTargeting
Facebook Page - AdTargeting

6. View advertising Report

Finding the right target audience for your Facebook ads is an essential element in achieving a good success rate through Facebook advertising campaigns. But not everyone can do all the work required for the job. Unfortunately, many people still think that just optimizing advertising is enough, which is not the case. You need to know exactly who your target audience is and how they interact with your Facebook ads.

One simple way to do this is through Facebook ad reporting. These reports show you who displayed your ads and your conversion rate. However, these reports can also show you additional details to help you understand how new customers typically interact with Facebook ads. This can help you create more goal related rules to ensure that your Facebook ads are presented to the right audience in the right format.

Adjust advertising strategy

7.Don't close the whole ad collection

When it seems that the effect is not good, please do not rush to close the entire ad collection. You may leave valuable traffic and revenue!

There are five key decisions when creating Facebook ad Collections: Allocate budget, Select target audience, Set up advertising period, Choose a bid option and Decide where to place ads. In each ad set, you will create multiple advertising materials to test and view ads that work for your target audience.

Assuming that you have correctly tailored the ads for each ad set to the right target audience, such as five ad sets with three ads per ad set, you will create 15 ads. Closing the entire ad collection will kill 3 ads that might have been useful in the past! So don't close the whole ad collection hastily.

8. Optimize advertising at the right time

Advertisers sometimes panic when advertising is launched, but they don't get any results in the first 24 hours. Many companies have a daily advertising budget of $5 or $10, and will quickly close ads that do not convert or cost too much.

They forget that the data at hand is not perfect. Most of the statistics they use to make advertising decisions are incomplete and unimportant because the audience is not large enough.

Don't worry about that, there are a number of resources available to help you calculate minimum coverage, such as a sample size calculator before you start optimizing advertising. As a rule of thumb, you should wait for your ads to attract some people before considering any changes.

9. Keep the ad frequency under control

There is no clear scientific basis for many Facebook experts to say how often you should present the same ad to the same user. Part of the problem is that reach doesn't mean users see your ads on Facebook. This only means that your ad is displayed when they use the site.

After you’ve run a Facebook ad campaign for a couple of weeks, you’ll likely notice the click-through rate going down, and ad costs increase. That’s because people are tired of seeing your ads in their News Feeds over and over again.

Unless you’re targeting an audience of several million people, Facebook will start re-showing your ads to your audience pretty quickly.

The more times people see your ads, the less likely they are to click on your offer. A good way to avoid ad fatigue is to schedule your ads to show only on four weekdays out of seven. You’ll be giving your target audience a small vacation of your ads and will save hundreds of dollars to spend on other PPC campaigns.

Running a Facebook Ad campaign is something that can work really well for your business – provided you get all the important details right, including using the best format and targeting the right audience.

Hope these top marketer top-secret Facebook ad hacks can help you improve reach and ROI of your Facebook ads and get good results!