Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy Discussion by 15 Marketing Experts

Strategy Discussion of Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy Discussion by 15 Marketing Experts

Internet marketing is an indispensable marketing method in the information society, especially for small entrepreneurs. When you advertise on social media, such as Facebook, you may pay a lot of money, but don't see any advertising effect. Why is that? A large part of the reason is that you are not targeting the accurate audience so ads are not engaging enough.
Does targeting the accurate audience play a key role in online advertising? Today we have summarized the advice of 15 experts.

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Bernie Wong - Founder of Social Stand Limited

Targeting the right audience is important, not just in terms of ad setting, but the delivered content as well. An ad targeting and analytic tool will give marketers and brands a more in-depth view of their audiences’ preferences and allow them to develop a definite customer or reader persona. It may also help them uncover customer pain points, which they can study and provide a solution to.

Angela Alupoaie - Director of Online Marketing, eStreet.co

Understanding your audience is crucial, online platforms are the tools to help reach them. Sometimes what we believe is our target audience is not based on data, but a hunch. The beauty of these tools is that you can test your audiences to see who is more inclined to engage with your ad, ultimately responding to your CTA.

Targeting the proper audience plays a key role in online advertising, but is not the only factor. Compelling creative, copy, landing page experience, and understanding the customer's needs for fulfillment are all part of a successful online presence.

Adam Garcia - CEO of The Stock Dork

Targeting the right audience will help you reach those specific individuals that are perfect for your product or service. People who are highly likely to react positively to your ads will be the only ones to see your ads. Narrowing down your audience will also limit your spending on ad campaigns. Hence, targeting an accurate audience is essential for advertising.

Andrei Vasilescu - CEO of DontPayFull

Advertisingis effective only when you successfully target the right audience at the righttimes. If you target the wrong audience with your ads, your investment (timeand money) is wasted. Without proper targeting, your ad contents reach thosewho don’t actually need your products or services.

Catherine Foo - Digital Marketing Consultant of Zoewebs

Targeting the accurate audience is essential in online advertising. However, this still depends on the campaign goal. If the ads campaign goal is to increase brand awareness and to reach more people, a broader audience might be good.

If the goal is to improve conversion or generate leads, the accurate audience is crucial so the campaign is more effective. The one-stop web design solution of Zoewebs may help it.

James Marques - Marketing Adviser at Iconic Genius

Every type of business or industry has a target customer audience, but within that target audience are smaller subgroups of individuals. They share definite characteristics and have particular wants, needs, and inclinations. These smaller subgroups are entitled niches and are a rich source of digital marketing opportunities.

When you find the right target audience I have found it makes business easier in three main ways:
1.Enhanced Customer Relationships
2.Reduced Competition
3.Increased Visibility

Alex Membrillo - CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing

Ad targeting canplay an extremely important role in the effectiveness – and return oninvestment – in your ad campaigns. Geo-targeting your audience is also anotherimportant feature to make sure you’re effectively utilizing your advertisingbudget. Both Google Adwords and Facebook/ Instagram ads allow for location-based audience targeting.

It’s important that people learn how to effectively monetize their videos so that they can earn money, increase sales, or meet whatever messaging or increased engagement goal they are trying to achieve.

Jason - Owner of The Media Captain

Ad targeting plays a critical role in online advertising. Targeting along with the creative and product or service you're selling are the most important components of online advertising.

Facebook has good initial targeting options but you want to build upon this. How do you build upon your initial targeting? You can retarget people who watch over a certain percentage of your video. You can also serve ads to people who interacted in a positive way with your advertisement, such as liking or commenting.

Carla Diaz - Cofounder of Broadband Search

Analytics tools help you to determine exactly which audiences work best for your advertising efforts and give you insight into how those audiences behave. As consumers interact with your ad, website, etc, you’re able to collect data on how those consumers are behaving. You can then use this information to get a better understanding of what they do and don’t like. Targeting an accurate audience is one of the top priorities for marketers.

Milosz Krasinski - Managing Director of chillifruit.com

Identifying your audience and then targeting them effective is absolutely vital for advertising and, if you don’t do this, you’re simply throwing money away.

Jon Torres - Founder of jontorres.com

You must target a specific audience. Otherwise, you’ll reach a broad audience but few interested people. That’s not optimal ad spending. Instead, make your targeting individual-centric rather than channel-centric. Yet, it is impractical to tailor ads to specific individuals unless you sell big-ticket products to a very niche market or few individuals.

Joy Corkery - Content Markteing Lead of Latana

The target audience is all about the right audience segmentation, demographics, interest, consumer perception, and behavior that play a pivotal role in correct ad placement.

Without the proper tools and understanding, one can only speculate what works best, and it's a lot harder to focus the right channeling without data-driven decisions.

Ethel Favors - Digital Marketing Agency of RankSoldier

Working in a digital marketing agency the one thing I have learned is that to make an effective marketing campaign requires an excellent market research analysis without which marketing efforts go to waste. Using targeting and analytical tools comes from a good base of data processing and comprehending. Your target market comes from the results of that research and yes, it is very effective. PPC, SEO, and content marketing all produce tangible results when you target the correct market.

Marcus Clarke - Founder of Searchant.co

Targeting your specific audience is a necessity. When it comes to advertisements online, people often disregard those that are not relevant to their needs. Think of it as if giving clothing to someone who needs a new pair of shoes. It does not directly help them.

Blake Bobit - Founder of Solution Scout

I think that the real answer is the niche audience targeting. Instead of asking ourselves pre-campaign questions like "what's their age", "main interests", and "would they buy this?", we should strive for more specific questions that give us a better idea about their personality, education, hobbies.

For example, an eCommerce store selling wedding jewelry might be targeting women in the age of 20-40, but if they create a niche persona for a subgroup targeting, they might end up with a well-educated woman, age 25-30, interested in gaming and fantasy, looking for vintage jewelry. And then just spread the budgeting across this specific niche.