The Easiest Ways To Make A Facebook Ad Go Viral

The Easiest Ways To Make A Facebook Ad Go Viral

If you have ever tried to create viral marketing ads, then you know that it's not easy, especially on Facebook, where advertising competition is so fierce. Facebook advertising is a digital marketing method that can bring huge benefits, but it is not easy to achieve big success of Facebook advertising.

You may create great content, write what you like passionately, and work hard to promote it, but you still cannot get the share you want. Instead of giving up on letting your information be heard, try to implement some proven and reliable internet marketing methods. Although there is no absolutely guaranteed way to get a lot of sharing, these methods that have been tested in practice are better than just trying optionally.

Keep reading this blog, there are some easiest ways to help you make a Facebook ad go viral.

Pay more attention on marketing content to make Facebook ad go viral

1.Create short content

Generally speaking, it is obvious that short content is easier to spread than long content. Because people's attention is limited, long content may be richer and provide more information, but it does not have too many opportunities for viral transmission.

Short content can better attract the audience's attention throughout all the content, and gain more sharing and making it easier to spread. the reason is because that people's attention and patience are limited, especially in the era of information explosion, and they may be attracted by other information at any time. Short-form content rules much of the internet, and must actively earn the time it takes for a reader to peruse it. 

how to make a facebook ad: Create short content

So creating short content is very important and there are some tips of creating short content:

Write a compelling paragraph

Once your title has successfully attracted readers, please do not affect readers' reading because of the lengthy content. Write a paragraph that is eye-catching and put forward your point directly.

Put forward strong opinions and give a brief explanation

The topic of the short content should be immediately obvious to the reader from the title and standpoint. Please be straightforward and don't waste readers' time.

Link to resources for more information

Hyperlinks are a very useful tool for marketers who want to make the most of their short content.

2.Keep the content visual 

Why keep the content visual? The reason is simple. 

The vast majority of human communication is non-verbal. Our brain processes visual information much faster than word processing. Research shows that content with related images gets much more views than content without images. But the use of visual content is nothing new. Although we have realized its importance, everyone is paying attention to visual trends to make their content more attractive. Therefore, only with high-quality content, it can be succeed. These methods can help you keep your Facebook ad content visual:


  • Keep the size consistent
  • Make sure the image is relevant
  • Pursue quality, use higher resolution photos


  • Use techniques that reflect high production value
  • Take the time to plan
  • Optimize text

GIF animation

  • Use fewer colors (Colors increase the size of GIF files, so the fewer colors you use, the more you can focus on length and picture quality)
  • Keep it small (No one wants to wait for the GIF to load)
  • Remove duplicate frames (If you look closely, you will sometimes find two or more identical frames)

Target audience accurately to make Facebook ad go viral

1.Narrow the audience

To make a Facebook ad go viral, you must target the ad audience accurately. Only you display the ad to the right people, you can get the chance to spreading your ads because the target audience will help you spread. 

And targeting too many audiences means that there is a lot of competition among other marketers to attract these people.  In addition, it is difficult to ensure that the audience is interested in your ad. So you should take some measures to narrow the audience and target the accurate ones which can help you spread your ads.

You can try to use deeper audience targeting measures like finding more interests to target your audience accurately. To solve the inconvenience of the limited interests that Facebook Ads Manager provided which cannot satisfy the advertisers. We can use the Facebook interest targeting tools such as AdTargeting for help.

AdTargeting is one of the best interest ad targeting tools to discover hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. And it can help you max the ROI of Facebook ads. 

The Easiest Ways To Make A Facebook Ad Go Viral- AdTargeting

2.Monitor competitors

Who is the person who knows your target audience best? Your competitors must be the one.

You can monitor the recent ads placed by your competitors and analyze the best performing ones. If you find the secret of their success, apply it to your ads. Of course, copying is not advisable, you just need to find inspirations from other people's ads.

With AdTargeting's Advertiser feature, you can gain insight into your competitors' Facebook marketing strategies. Just search for a competitor's name in AdTargeting and you will know its most common copywriting keywords, ad formats, and audience locations. Even better, you can also see all the ads it has placed in the last year.

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bayleys real estate ads

Meet the target audience to make Facebook ad go viral

1.Get to know your audience 

To meet the target audience, the first thing you should do is getting to know your audience well. Going viral isn’t just about getting your content in front of people, it’s more about getting it in front of the right people. So it's very necessary to know your audience well.

You can obtain audience analysis reports for understanding your audience by using AdTargeting

AdTargeting uses the big data analysis capabilities of Facebook to analyze the demographic characteristics of your audience for each interest, such as audience gender, age, relationship status, job title and so on which also can be combined with Facebook Audience Insights to set more suitable conditions in Facebook ads.

The Easiest Ways To Make A Facebook Ad Go Viral- AdTargeting
Audience analysis-AdTargeting
The Easiest Ways To Make A Facebook Ad Go Viral- AdTargeting
Audience analysis-AdTargeting

2.Attract the audience to create user-generated content

Participation is the key to making content spread widely on social media. User-generated content can not only be shared, but also made interactive. This allows users to not only promote links to propagandize your company on Facebook, but also upload self-made content for advertising your products. 

Once their friends and social media followers start to see what they share, they will naturally want to participate. It can help your audience feel like they are part of your campaign, and honestly, it’s fun.

The more people start sharing user-generated content, the greater the reach of your campaign. Attract the audience to create user-generated content is putting the power in the hands of your audience and it's effective.

For example, the ad below received many comments and shares from users. This is because it explores a topic that people are very interested in." New blood test can detect Alzheimer's 30 years in advance". Many people have loved ones with Alzheimer's disease, and this ad evoked their emotions.

viral facebook ads: UGC

3.Send giveaway

Another less common but usually more effective method of creating viral content is to send giveaways. The well-known fact is that people like free things. 

Sending gifts can attract people's attention and increase people's participation. In this way, it is very cost-effective for companies to arouse people's awareness of the brand and establish a brand image. In this way, people will be more likely to buy goods in the future, and more people will interact with them.

In addition, these giveaways usually are spreading and this can get more reach of your brand.

All in all, these methods have been tested in practice, so just try these easiest ways to make your Facebook ad go viral!

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