How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?

It is always difficult to target accurate audience, because it will be affected by various factors. How to achieve it? Facebook audience optimization plays an important role. Facebook audience optimization is an organic targeting tool that helps brands attract and their audience on Facebook and better understand the interests that people click on their posts. Let’s take a look at how to use Facebook audience optimization to reach the right users?

What is Facebook Audience Optimization?

Facebook audience optimization is an organic targeting tool that helps advertisers attract and attract their audience on Facebook. This tool allows you to point out who is most likely to participate, and improve their relevance.

Facebook Audience Optimization provides you with the following three functions:

Preferred audience

It allows publishers to add interest tags to content to help Facebook connect people to topics and sub-topics that are most likely to appeal to them. These tags not only limit the audience who see the post in the news feed but also uniquely identify for each person the topics that are most likely to interest them. 

The interests you mentioned here will help Facebook know who to show your posts to. All interests are pre-defined by Facebook, and you can also see the audience for each interest. This is a good way to build brand awareness.

Audience restrictions

Audience restrictions mean limiting publisher visibility on Facebook by specifying which audiences cannot find relevant posts based on their location, language, age, or sex. This is an existing feature that can be used with the preferred audience group option. With this option, you can limit the visibility of content to certain audiences.

Audience insights

Audience insights enable publishers to see the performance of their content, including post subdivided by interest tags. This is a supplement to the existing page insights. After the post is published, the insights of the preferred audience can help the publisher understand the response of different groups by displaying the coverage and participation indicators of each interest tag.

Why Audience Optimization is important?

Highly targeted audience 

Helps ensure that you only target the most valuable Facebook audience with the highest transformation potential.

Highly relevant ads 

Facebook audience optimization has the ability to target a specific audience based on their exact interests. If you know who your target audience is and what they are interested in, you can create more relevant ads and messages.

Higher ROI 

once you can target people who are interested in your product/service and advertise the benefits, you can see more results at a lower cost.

How to set audience optimization for Facebook pages?

1.Enable audience optimization for posts

To find out if your Facebook page has enabled natural this function, you can start writing a new post, look for the “target” icon as follows under the “write something” field:

How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Writing Post

If you don’t see the location icon, you need to activate this feature for your Facebook page. 
Open the audience optimization tool, follow these steps:

  • Go to the page.
  • Click settings in the upper right corner.
  • Click “general” in the tab bar on the left side of the page.
  • In the middle of the page, find the line marked “audience optimization for posts,” and then click “Edit”.
  • Check the box that allows you to start using the feature.
How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Operating steps

2.Apply audience optimization to new or published posts

After activating Facebook audience optimization, you can start using it when you post a new post on the page or use a post that has already been posted.

When you write a message, click below the target icon. You will see two labels: “Preferred audience” and “Audience restrictions”. With these tags, you can define the target audience according to their interest, age, gender, location, etc.

Target with interests

Brands can add tags to describe the interests of people who are most likely to interact with your posts. For example, a sports article might contain tags for the league, team, and player. The preferred audience uses interest tags to prioritize page posts in news sources for each unique reader based on topics that are most likely to attract them. 

How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Preferred Audience-AdTargeting

You can target audiences more accurately with interests to optimize your Facebook audience. Get more hidden interests for your Facebook ads is very important for targeting accurate audience. Because Facebook’s official interests are not comprehensive, each search result shows up only about 25 interests, which can not fully match advertisers’ needs.

You can use the Facebook interest targeting tool for help.  AdTargeting is a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers get many hidden interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering. 

Just enter some words in AdTargeting, you can get many related interests :


Limit the visibility of Posts

The “audience” will be limited to a specific audience with  “audience restriction”. People outside of these demographics will not be able to see your information anywhere on Facebook. You can limit the target audience of a post based on age, gender, location, and language.

How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Audience Restrictions-AdTargeting

Facebook interest targeting tool- AdTargeting uses the big data analysis capabilities of Facebook to analyze the demographic characteristics of each interest, such as audience gender, age, relationship status, job title and so on which can be combined with Facebook Audience Insights to choose more suitable conditions.

How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Detailed information-AdTargeting

3.Analyze insight and engagement

After targeting your posts to the audience of the page, it’s time to see if your efforts have been effective. You need to go to the data analysis tab on your Facebook page and click posts in the left navigation bar. This is the highlight of audience optimization. Even if tagging doesn’t lead to better engagement, the message is worth it.

How To Use Facebook Audience Optimization To Reach Right Users?-AdTargeting
Audience insight-AdTargeting


By analyzing the results over time, you can determine which tags are most appropriate for your content and audience. And just practice your Facebook audience optimization to reach the right users at once!