4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads

Two billion users around the world use Facebook every month, and Facebook makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers at every stage of the purchasing behavior (from prospect to customer) to increase marketing efficiency.

By 2020, 2 billion people are expected to use mobile devices to do banking. Financial services businesses need to adapt to this trend and meet the needs of their customers. Financial services marketers may get good results by choosing Facebook ads for their marketing efforts.

So how to max financial services Facebook ads, here are some suggestions:

Follow Facebook’s financial services ads policy

First, Financial services marketers must follow Facebook’s advertising policy about financial services facebook ads. Facebook has a strict policy to prevent misleading advertising on its platform, especially in the area of financial products and services.

Since June 5th, Facebook has banned the promotion of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in advertisements and updated its policy on banned financial products and services. Facebook will also continue to ban ads for initial digital currency offerings (ICOs), as well as ads for binary options.

As a result, any copy, audience targeting, geographic targeting, images, and content on landing pages of financial-related ads must comply with the updated policy, as well as all of Facebook’s ad posting policies and community guidelines. Otherwise it will be officially rejected by Facebook for placement.

Promote corporate culture and build brand image

Facebook page

A Facebook page is similar to a personal profile and is more suitable for businesses, organizations and public figures. Creating a financial services company’s own Facebook page can create a corporate image and enhance the company’s publicity. And a Facebook page is free and very easy to set up.

Facebook group

Create groups that are relevant to financial services. Because Facebook groups can bring people interested in the same topic together, this helps develop potential audiences.

And stay active in other social groups, such as sponsorship, donation, volunteer service, etc. Active participation in such content can have a positive impact. You can participate by supporting, commenting and sharing posts.

Target your audience accurately 

Get more hidden interests for financial services facebook ads

Get more hidden interests for financial services facebook ads is very important for targeting accurate audience. Because Facebook’s official interests are not comprehensive, each search result shows up only about 25 interests, which can not fully match advertisers’ needs.

You can use Facebook interest targeting tools for help.  AdTargeting is one of the best Facebook interest targeting tools, it’s a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers get many hidden interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering. 

Just enter “financial services” in AdTargeting, you can get many related interests :

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting

Get audience analysis report for financial services facebook ads

Audience analysis report can help you better know your potential customers and through analysis of audience, you can also set suitable audience targeting conditions in Facebook ads :


The majority of people interested in financial services between 25 and 34 years old.


men account for 62.4% and women account for 37.6%. Men are more interested in financial services.

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Age and Gender-AdTargeting

Relationship Status

The majority of people are married, and they take a large proportion for 45.5%.

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Relationship Status – AdTargeting


The majority of people have a college degree.

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting

Job Title

From the job title of the audience, we can analysis that the people interested in financial services who work on administrative services, sales or management account for large proportion of the audience.

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Job Title-AdTargeting

Country / Region

We can see the people of United States have a high passion for financial services.

4 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Financial Services Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Country/ Region-AdTargeting

Groups interested in financial services facebook ads

There are some groups interested in financial services that can be directly and accurately located, such as:

Entrepreneurs with investment and financial management needs

People with stable middle and high income

Strengthening communication with users 

Guidance on financial issues

Many financial institutions support financial education. Guidance on financial issues is especially important for a new generation of young people. This is also a way to increase contact with potential users. For example, answering questions in relevant Facebook groups or searching for relevant postings on Facebook.

Share financial information

Sharing useful financial information on Facebook in the form of articles, tips, tools, videos and infographics is a great way to show your expertise and build trust among consumers. It’s also a form of content marketing that has proven to be a very effective strategy.

Send giveaway

There is also a more effective way to enhance contact with potential customers is to send gifts. As we all know, people like free things.

Giving gifts can attract people’s attention and increase people’s participation. Establishing a brand image in this way is also a very good channel.

All in all, financial services Facebook ads are responding to trends and needs of users, so have a try! Hope this blog can be helpful.