Master This Process, Your Advertising Revenue Will Triple

Master This Method, Your Advertising Revenue Will Triple

The minimum amount of advertising is an important stage of advertising, mastering the minimum amount of skills, your advertising can be exchanged for the highest revenue at the least cost.

The minimum operation method, in addition to the method of directly increasing the budget, there is another method, that is, in the original Campaign, at any account time, directly copy the successfully tested Ad Set, leaving only the effective Ad. Change the targeting to avoid completely the same as the previous Ad Set, thereby intensifying its internal competition. Another way to be lazy is to set only the region all the time, and do not change any Ad Set settings, just spell the material. This method is more effective when running App ads, but it is also extremely simple.The way to Find targeting during operation is the key point, involving interests and audiences.

Audience Insight

Finding interest is a very tedious task. Audience Insight is usually used to improve the accuracy of interest positioning. After selecting the target country, enter a core keyword, and then look at the Affinity score on the right. Generally speaking, you can start using more than 20, and there are more than 100, but they are very rare. Then open these pages in turn to see which fan pages are very related to the products we sell.

The main purpose of this method is, because everyone’s information, knowledge and experience are limited, so this tool, like AdTargeting, is to explore and analyze interests, which can effectively help us understand many tags and portraits of users, which we didn’t think of, or didn’t know at all. so as to better help us find the target customers we are looking forward to. At the same time, this method can also effectively avoid competition from peers with the same targeting.

Lookalike Audiences

When you accumulate more than 500 seed users for a certain product in a certain country through interests targeting, this function will be used at this time. Shopify will automatically create a Content ID for every product you create. This can be found by using the Chrome plug-in—Facebook Pixel Helper.

Create three Custom Audiences, View Content, Add To Cart and Purchase for nearly 180 days. Each Custom Audience has more than 500 people, and 1-10% Lookalike Audience can be created respectively. The specific percentage of similar audiences is best, not necessarily. In theory, the higher the 1%, the more accurate, but the actual operation requires testing. In addition, because different countries have different population bases, it is very likely that 1% of the population is very small. So the suggestion is that you can run 3% or 5% directly, so that your target population should not be less than 300,000. If you run e-commerce, it should not exceed 3 million. For games, it is basically recommended to be between 50-300. In between, the app doesn’t matter. Three Custom Audiences, a set of 10 Lookalikes, that’s thirty. Even if you have all 30 Ad Sets, you have passed. Then you can also update the new Lookalike Audience. In order not to affect the Lookalike Audience that has been built before, the new Lookalike Audience can put one more smoke bomb country in the country, that is, the country that we will not use at all, so it will not be because of Lookalike Audience. The complete repetition of the problem resulted in not being created.

Master these two minimum optimization methods, your advertising revenue will be greatly improved.