10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads

More and more marketers are turning to Facebook for searching new sources of customers these days. people spend a lot of time on Facebook to social, get latest informations or find interesting things everyday which make Facebook Ads has more potential than other platforms. So there is no strange that Facebook Ads has grown into one of the biggest online advertising platforms in the world.

Dose it work for every advertiser who use Facebook for advertising? I’m regretful to say it doesn’t work for everyone. Only these who master the skills of Facebook Ads can enjoy high click through and conversions and attract new customers through Facebook Ads. Most of people have no such luck even if they have good products that would potentially appeal to audience. 

And the importance of optimizing your ads for a higher click through and conversion rate has increased as Facebook Ads become more expensive.So what can you do to make your ad stand out from the others and has a better CTR? Here We provide 10 ways  in this blog which can help you increase CTR on Facebook Ads significantly:

1. Improve Your Ad Copy

There is no doubt that your ad copy makes a difference in CTR. There are several advices on how to improve your ad copy:

  • Write a compelling title

It’s no surprise that many people actually never read more than the headline of a Facebook ads before sharing or liking it. The number-one factor in improving your Facebook CTR is through effective titles and having a correctly optimized ad title can increase your CTR by over 50% according to study.

  • Answer a question

Answer a user’s initial question in your ad, but also guide them to click through to your landing page. Optimize your landing page so that when a user lands, it’s easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

  • Add personal attributes to ads

If your ads are highly targeted or regional, add personal attributes to ads can greatly increase attraction.

  • Make sure the content is appropriate

One wrong line of text (or even a bad choice of wording) could potentially influence the person viewing your Facebook ad. So Make sure the content is appropriate is necessary.

2. Adjust Your Display Ad Creative

The average CTR for a typical display ad is very low. If yours is significantly lower than the average, or if you simply won’t settle for average, then it’s time to experiment with a few tweaks.

First off, ensure that you are choosing the most effective ad sizes and setting yourself up for success.  According to research, the most effective sizes are the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard banner, the 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper. Only implement these, your ads can be more creative.

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Global Ad Frequency-AdTargeting

Secondly, Use Eye-Catching Images also makes a difference. Choose an image that is eye catching and encourage engagement can be more attractive for people who browse the page.

3. Video Ads to Improve CTR

An effective way to improve the CTR on your Facebook ads is to include more engaging visuals such as videos, GIFs, or demographics. Facebook video advertising is the best way for people to remember your brand and get back to your site. Video is not just trending on Facebook, it is a strategy that works to engage and convert website visitors.

Some found that video ads did an amazing job in terms of driving traffic to the opt-in page and converting visitors. Facebook users love content that is engaging and videos are considered particularly engaging on Facebook and other social media platforms.

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Facebook Video Ad-AdTargeting

4. Try promoting content instead of sales pages

Think about how you and your audience use Facebook. We don’t go on there to look for products and sales. We’re on Facebook to enjoy the content. So instead of displaying ads to people directly, give them what they want. Create an outstanding piece of content, and make that your focus. Get that first click-through, and think about selling to them later.

It will give you a delayed return on investment, but it’s a stronger long-term strategy.

5. Audience Targeting Should be Top Priority

When it comes to running a good Facebook ads, arguably no factor has a greater impact on your success than your audience targeting. Sure, there are many other factors play important role, but if your Facebook ads can’t target audience accurately, there is no need to mention other things.

Just think about it: if you are interested in fashion trend, but they keep sending you ebooks or online travel service. So what’s going to happen? Zero clicks or may flag your ads as irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, no matter how incredible you make your ads, an audience that doesn’t need your product or service won’t click. If someone offers you free service for life but you don’t need at all, you won’t care. 

Audience targeting is very important for increasing CTR for Facebook Ads and is still a huge pain point for most advertisers. Try using deeper audience targeting measures like finding more interests to target. But we need know that Facebook Ads Manager shows just 25 suggestions for interests which cannot satisfy the advertisers.

But there are Facebook interest targeting tools that can help us get more interests for Facebook ads such as AdTargeting. It’s a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers explore thousands of related interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering.

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting

Start focusing on your audience targeting and limiting your reach to only those who are most likely to buy. Once you’ve done that, you can start optimizing the content within your ad to further improve performance.

6. Narrow Down Your Audience

We’ve seen many Facebook ad campaigns targeting tens of millions of people but in most cases, it results in low ad relevance and poor CTR. Because if your audience is too broad, then the message is typically pretty generic in an effort to accommodate the whole bunch, at that point, it’s watered down and unlikely to have strong appeal. And Any time your ads become more specific to an audience, they’re more likely to click your ad, engage with comments, share with friends and family, or click through to a conversion. So narrow down your audience is also very important to increase CTR on facebook ads.

You can narrow down your audience through setting suitable audience targeting conditions after analyzing of audience. If your product or service is about fashion,you can enter “fashion” in AdTargeting and choose a related interest with a large number of audience to analysis the specific details:

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Targeting – AdTargeting
10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Insights – AdTargeting

After doing that, you can display your ads to 25-34 year old people who are single or engaged and enjoying shopping and fashion (Now that’s a niche market). The more you target your audience precisely, the higher your click through rate.

7. Speak directly to your target audience

Let’s see two expression of one sentence as follows:

“People improve the working efficiency after using this software.”

“You can improve the working efficiency after using this software.”

Which one attract people more in your opinion? The majority of people would answer that the second statement, which replaces “people” with “you” .

This is the difference between an ad that talks about something, and an ad that talks directly to a specific audience. Instead of visualizing someone else improving working efficiency, you visualize yourself doing what the ad describes.

The most effective ads, whether on Facebook or any other platform, speak directly to their target audience can make some differences.

8. Use contrasted colors

Highly contrasted and bright colors tend to have a deeper effect on us, especially in Facebook’s crowded Newsfeed.The same rule applies to Facebook advertising – Facebook ads with contrasting color combinations often have a higher CTR.

If you want to immediately grab the user’s attention and get their eyeballs on your ad, a surefire way to do this is to use plenty of contrast.

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Facebook Ad-AdTargeting

9. Offer social proof

The most effective way to increase CTR on Facebook ads is to increase and display social proof on your ads. And you can build social proof by getting more likes, comments, and shares on your ads. social proof often play an encouraging role in Facebook ads. Just like the followed example:

10 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase CTR On Facebook Ads-AdTargeting
Facebook Ad-AdTargeting

“17348 downloads in 2 months” is a kind of social proofs which can encourage people to download.

10. A/B testing

A/B testing means you need to test everything in your ad, like copy, targeting, objective, ad types, etc. So you need to create at least two identical Facebook ads when you test one thing at a time. Each one will be slightly different, and sent out to a sample of your audience. Facebook will then tell you which one had a better CTR.

This approach weeds out the bad ads from your campaign and pushes forwards the best ones, helping you avoid spending money on ads that aren’t producing optimal results.

These ways that I provide in this blog are mostly quick and easy to implement but will go a far way in improving the response on your Facebook Ads and increase CTR. Although there are a lot of factors that will determine how successful you are when you run Facebook ads, you can still implement some proven methods of increasing your CTR fast. 

Targeting the right audience accurately Should be Top Priority. It’s the biggest determining factor to increase CTR and overall profitability by far. Targeting the wrong audience will leave you with a terrible CTR and expensive conversions (if any). All in all, implement these ways, and hope you can increase your CTR on Facebook ads!