How To Accurately Target Facebook’s Core Audience?

How To Accurately Target Facebook’s Core Audience?

Definition of core audience:

The core audience is a Facebook targeting option that allows advertisers to target precise audiences based on four main types of targeting: geographic location, audience characteristics, interests, and behavior. Facebook extracts data from the information shared by users on their profiles and the behavior they display online and offline.

What data is used to target the core audience

Regions: Advertise in countries, cities, and communities where you want to conduct business.
Behavior: Target advertising audiences based on consumer behavior, such as past shopping and device usage.
Demographics: Select audiences based on age, gender, education, occupation, and other conditions. You can track the types of people covered by your ads, but Facebook will not share their personally identifiable information with you.
Network: Choose to add users who are already connected to your Facebook public homepage or event, or exclude them from your target audience to find new audiences.
Interests: Set target audiences for advertisements based on interests and hobbies (such as love for organic food or action movies, etc.) to achieve precise targeting of advertisements and improve their relevance.

How to Target Core Audience on Facebook Ad Manager:

1. Find the location of the audience and create a new audience

Open Ad Manager, find “Ad Set” on the left, we will see “Audience”. Then create a new audience.

2. Choose the right location

When choosing a core audience, the first step is to determine the geographic location of the ad and limit the audience area. There are four regional options here, which restrict users in more detail. If you want to reach the most audiences, you can keep the default option “All users in this region”.
Then we need to use the map, or enter the city, city, state, province, country, or region name to set the audience area. You can use the radius slider to expand or shrink the target area. You can also choose to include other regions or exclude some regions with the “Exclude” option.

Facebook’s default location is the United States. If you target another country, make sure to change this setting.
If you do n’t have enough data for the selected country and the sections are blank, please switch back to the United States.
Although this is less relevant, a larger audience will allow you to access more data to start exploring interests.

3. Age and Gender

Facebook users generally range in age from 25 to 54.
The default gender option is “unlimited”, of course, you can also choose only “male” or only “female”.

4. Language

If the language used by the target audience is not the universal language of the specified region, you can choose it here. Of course, you can leave this option blank.

5. Interest

According to your industry, enter interest keywords, Facebook will display 25 related keyword recommendations in the drop-down box. But in fact, there are thousands of related keywords in the Facebook interest library to choose from. We can use Facebook interest targeting tools to select the most suitable interest words, used to accurately target the audience.

There is a free Facebook interest targeting and search tool called AdTargeting. This is an interest targeting tool for Facebook and Google. Here you can get a list of thousands of industry-related interest keywords to help advertisers accurately target audiences.

Five advantages of using AdTargeting:

(1) Discover the Facebook target audience that few people find

According to research, 90% of advertisers use the same interest, so how to use the interest to target an audience different from others? If you want to find a unique audience targeting angle, this will give you a real advantage over competitors. The first step is to find the most suitable interest through AdTargeting.

(2) Precise audience targeting

When we target audiences, we will clearly find that it is easy to target factors such as country, gender, and age. These conditions can be easily determined based on our products, or can be discovered by using some spy tools to monitor the audience of competitors.

But interest targeting is not clear, advertisers have many ways to choose it. Using Adtargeting to find interest keywords is a good choice. Because Adtargeting can not only list thousands of the most relevant interest words. Adtargeting also tracks each interest in-depth, and analyze the interest-matching detailed audiences, such as the number of audiences, country, audience age, gender, and Facebook Page affinity score.

Advertisers choose appropriate interest keywords based on the matching degree of interest and audience. In addition, if you are struggling with two interests and don’t know which one is more suitable for the product, AdTargeting can compare 2 interest keywords, which can intuitively reflect the differences of the audience.

(3) Reduce your Facebook ad cost

By accurately targeting the audience, you can quickly reduce advertising costs and increase ROI.

(4) Powerful, 100% free

AdTargeting is a perfect interest targeting tool on the market. And it’s completely free. Thousands of advertisers have already succeeded through it.

6. Check the scope of the audience

When determining the audience, you can refer to the data provided by the estimated number of people covered dial to get a rough idea of ​​the size of the potential audience. In general, it is appropriate for the pointer to point to the green area so that your potential audience is neither too specific nor too broad.
If you find that its pointer points to “specific”, you should delete the filter appropriately, or relax the conditions.

The above content details how to accurately target the core Facebook audience. Among them, interest targeting is the key, I hope advertisers can carefully screen。