3 Effective Targeting Strategies to Make Good Chiropractic Facebook Ads

3 Effective Targeting Strategies to Make Good Chiropractic Facebook Ads

In today’s society, many people live a stressful life and have heavy work tasks. Maybe because of this, they do not have time to develop good work habits and  ignore the physical problems, especially the spinal health. Our spinal health is often overlooked but is so essential to keep our body functioning at our best. Almost everyone has back or spinal pain during their lifetimes, which is why we need to be taking better care of it with chiropractic care.

In this background, more and more spinal treatments are promoted and more and more chiropractors use Facebook advertising  to attract chiropractic audience. Facebook ads have been an effective chiropractic marketing strategy for many years now. But chiropractic Facebook ads often runs into problems like the high cost of advertising and the result of advertising is not satisfactory and so on.

So what is the most effective strategy for chiropractic Facebook Ads? If you’re a chiropractor, targeting accurate audience is the most important thing for chiropractic Facebook ads. Because it can reduce unnecessary display of ads and reduces advertising costs. So first, we must to who needs chiropractic care most:

1.People who pay close attention to their health in daily life

There are many people who care about their health very much. They pay more attention to diet, exercise regularly  and avoid all factors that could affect health. In that sense, they must care about their spinal health and have the need of chiropractic care.

2.Older people

Older people are more vulnerable to physical impairments. Many people will have various physical ailments in their daily lives as they grow older, and spinal problems are no exception. The body repair function of the elderly is not as good as that of the young, and when they have body problems such as spinal trouble, they should have chiropractic care in time.

3.Growing children

According to research, there is a definite correlation between chiropractic care and superior health. The research revealed that children who were raised with chiropractic care have immune systems that can cope better with allergies and have more resistance to infectious processes like tonsillitis and otitis media. So the chiropractic care is very important for growing children.

4.The people who have physical injury

One of the goals of chiropractic care is restoration of the body’s function. People who have physical injury like athletes with chronic injuries or someone who suffered an accidental injury all need chiropractic care.  Chiropractors can treat pain through physical manipulation and alignment of your musculoskeletal structure. This type of treatment directly addresses the cause of pain instead of treating symptoms.

5.People who sleep badly

People who sleep badly often have migraines troubles. And the routine chiropractic adjustments aren’t just for the spine, it also can work for migraines. Studies show that migraines can be treated effectively and safely with chiropractic care.

6.People who are stressed out

Chiropractic care can help combating stress.  These hormones increase anxiety and chronic inflammation while suppressing the immune system. These factors combine to contribute to your body’s increased physical breakdown and render you prone to illness. When you are stressed out of work or any other thing, chiropractic care can make you feel more relaxed.

7.People who are sedentary

One of the Risks of Being Sedentary is increasing likelihood of spinal injury. And even if you workout before or after all that sitting, it does not undo the damage of being still for hours. In this case, chiropractic care is necessary for people who are sedentary.

8.People with poor posture due to prolonged use of electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones

Nowadays, many people spend much of their time using electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones for work and they usually do not pay attention to maintain good posture. This kind of person urgently need spinal treatment. 

To get to the point, how does Chiropractic Facebook Ads target audiences for people who need chiropractic care accurately? Here are some effective Strategies:

1. Analysis of the audience of chiropractic

Through the free Facebook interest targeting tool AdTargeting, you can analysis the details of core audience. And then you can set suitable audience targeting conditions in Facebook ads. Take “chiropractic treatment techniques” for example:


The majority of people pay more attention to chiropractic treatment techniques between 25 and 34 years old. And other age groups like “45-54” and “55-64” are also concerned.


The gender of the audience is:  men account for 55.3% and women account for 44.7%.

Relationship status:

The majority of people are engaged. Single people also take a large proportion for about 30%.

Job Title:

From the job title of the audience, we can analysis that the people who work on Healthcare and Medical services account for the largest proportion of the audience. And people work on Administrative services, Management and Sales also account for about 20%.

2.Target the core audience of chiropractic more accurately through relevant interests

Facebook only provides few interests which cannot satisfy advertisers and we need more relevant interests to target the core audience more accurately. And now, you need some Facebook interest targeting tools. 

AdTargeting is a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering. With AdTargeting, you can get thousands of related interests.

 Just enter “chiropractic” in AdTargeting, we can get many related interests, and we can classify these keywords as follows(sort by relevance):

common interests of chiropractic:

Interest Audience
Chiropractic Economics  37,744 people
Chiropractic BioPhysics  12,660 people
Chiropractic education  404,360 people
Chiropractic treatment techniques  442,880 people
Dynamic Chiropractic  15,150 people
Sports chiropractic  138,818 people
Veterinary chiropractic  104,380 people

related association:

Interest Audience
American Chiropractic Association  56,290 people
Council on Chiropractic Education – USA  13,214 people
Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters 20 people
National Association for Chiropractic Medicine 790 people
International Federation of Sports Chiropractic  580 people
World Federation of Chiropractic  20,960 people
British Chiropractic Association 13,959 people

related university:

Interest Audience
Northwestern Health Sciences University 29,480 people
Parker University  39,530 people
Palmer College of Chiropractic  70,990 people
New York Chiropractic College 49,850 people
Texas Chiropractic College  27,096 people
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 23340 people
Logan College of Chiropractic 23061 people
McTimoney College of Chiropractic 16140 people
Sherman College of Chiropractic  13,130 people
Cleveland Chiropractic College  380 people
Life Chiropractic College West 264 people
University of Western States  9690 people

We can get the different kinds of related interests and the number of audiences from these interest lists. Chiropractors can choose the most related interest according to their specific situations. 

For example, if chiropractors or chiropractic want to target the audience who has physical injury like athletes with chronic injuries, they can choose the interest”Sports chiropractic” which has has a large audience. And they also can click the interest to get much more details of the audience.

In addition to getting more interests, you can also compare two interests by AdTargeting and choose the one more suitable if you cannot make a decision. Try the interest”Dynamic chiropractic” and “chiropractic treatment techniques”for example:

3. To find Facebook pages that match interests more closely 

You can not only see the affinity of each interest and also can find Facebook pages through AdTargeting. That can help you to choose interest more precisely.  And you can also discover competitors’ Facebook Pages with relevant interest words.

For example, If you analyze “chiropractic treatment techniques” on AdTargeting, we can see the Facebook Page which has highly affinity score is  a page of  chiropractor in Pakistan who named Dr. Agha Ebrahimthat. He is a specialist in chiropractic treatment.

If you want to attract much more people to your chiropractic clinic, these methods can help you target audience more accurately.