How to use AdTargeting to find suitable facebook interests

How to use AdTargeting to find suitable facebook interests

We always have to do facebook ads through facebook interests.There are many excellent exploration tools for Facebook interests, such as Connectio, AdTargeting, etc. But the incredible thing is that AdTargeting is a tool that can both explore Facebook interests and analyze the audience of interests, It can target fans of the interests as accurately as possible.

AdTargeting’s interests exploration function is on the Targeting page. You can see that it presets the exploration function of Google Keywords, but it is not yet online. Here we only discuss exploration of facebook interests .On this page, you can search for the keywords you want, Or try an example of popular targeting or Interests comparison.

We try to search for ”game”,and get 174 related results. We can find keywords suitable for us from here. In addition, AdTargeting has a particularly unique function, which is to display the gender ratio and age distribution.We can understand the status and characteristics of the audience under the search results, this feature is very rare in related products.

Click on an interest item, we can see the data analysis of this word and compare related interests.

The comparison including Age and Gender, Relationship Status, Job Title, Device, Location, related interests and FB pages. We can use these analyses to better understand the audience targeting of this interest.

At present, there is no free Facebook interests tool product on the market, no one can analyze the interests so clearly, this product is a tool suitable for small businesses to advertise on Facebook