More Facebook ad interest analysis to improve your ROI by 300%

More Facebook ad interest analysis to improve your ROI by 300%!

When advertising, it is very important to choose the advertising audience. Facebook provides us with three audience selection methods: core audiences, custom audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. But often direct advertising audience selection does not accurately place ads on the screens of the advertising audiences we target. In order to strengthen the audience positioning, Facebook provides the Facebookinsight tool, which can help us find the right interest words and audience range more accurately.

But Facebookinsight can only provide us with up to 25 expanded interest words, which limits our search for suitable interest topics. AdTargeting is a tool designed to solve this problem. It can display all search-related interest words , And provides a more detailed audience analysis chart than Facebookinsight, which can help us better choose interest words and advertising audiences.

We all use mobile phones, so battery chargers are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Today, I will take the battery charger as an example to explain to the battery charger brand how to select the right target audience before advertising, and what the characteristics of these target audiences are.

Interest development

First of all, we search for charger inside AdTargeting, so that we can find all the interest words related to the charger. According to the content of the picture, we can see that the expansion words related to the charger have two pages of content, except for the battery charger we need In addition, we also saw Dodge charger and solar charger, etc. These words are an extension of our products’ interest words. Perhaps there are a large number of our target users within these interest words.

We can see that the Battery charger is in second place, the interest word has 66773340 people, it is classified as the theme of interest and activities. Such a huge data can clearly indicate that the market for battery chargers is very large, let’s take a look at its specific audience.

Overall situation

The audience of the battery charger is 66773340. We have already seen it on the first level page. Here is a repetition. Below we can see the Top3 countries that follow this interest word, namely Taizeme (17.6%), Indonēzija (8.6 %), Amerikas Savienotās Valstis (8.3%). At the same time, there is an age of Top3, 25-34 M (36.8%), 25-34 F (34.1%), 18-24 F (26.9%). Of course, this is just the beginning, we will continue to look at the specific data analysis.

Age and Gender

Gender-We can see that most of the people who pay attention to battery chargers are men, accounting for 72.6%. Let ’s look at the age again. The 25-34 year old is the main concern group, and the number of boys is also higher than girls. The 25-34 year olds are mainly young people, they pay attention to technology products, so the number of users is very large. Therefore, advertisers who are doing battery chargers and other brands should pay special attention to the men’s group between 25-34 years old when advertising, maybe they are looking for the battery charger in your hands.

Relationship Status & Educations

For the user group concerned about battery chargers, most of them are single and unmarried people, and their academic qualifications are mostly university diplomas, which is also very consistent with our real life. College students have plenty of time and know more about technology, so it is quite correct that the relationship status is at this stage. When advertising, we must seize the interests of these people and let them become our loyal users.

Job Title

The main work of users who pay attention to battery charger is still IT and technology industry, followed by administrative aspects. It is also easy to understand that IT and technology and battery charger are still quite relevant, and the administrative demand for battery charger is also quite high. Therefore, these two industry groups need to pay special attention when advertising.


Most of the people who view battery charger’s Facebook page use mobile phones and computers, but there are very few people who log in with computers. Android users will be more on the mobile phone system, while iPhone and iPad users are slightly lower, but there are not many data tea sets. It is also quite good to think about the audience’s delivery ideas from a system perspective.

Location and Top Country

We can see that the country that pays most attention to the battery charger is Taizeme, whose number is much higher than other countries, and even doubles the data of the second place. This gives us a very clear instruction. Taizeme is a fast In developing countries, they are very much in need of small technology products such as battery chargers. We must pay special attention to this country when we launch in Guangzhou and Australia, and we can even put more ads in this country. I believe the effect will be better than It will be better if it is placed in some countries that are not on the list.


Interest word expansion-In fact, we already have a basic understanding on the home page. Here we have more interest words. Here we have more than 3 pages of vocabulary, which has softly exceeded the interest expansion words given by Facebookinsight. We can take a closer look. The keywords memory card, solar charger, solar power are included here, and the corresponding audience is also displayed. If our rechargeable battery can support solar charging, we can consider solar charger, solar power two interest words, there are many other interest words in the same way, if the audience is large and related to our products, then we should go here to find our users.


Homepage Likes-Here you can see related homepages that are similar to battery charger. These are very helpful for us to expand our interest words. We can view the audience of related products, analyze related product data, and maybe make fans of competitors become users of your product.We can also use the affinity given to evaluate the relevance of our products, so as to choose the right audience.


Using AdTargeting, we conducted a detailed audience analysis of the battery charger. Here we summarize that related to the interest word are solar charger and solar power. The main audience is single men young men 25-34 years old, they are generally universities Education, Taizeme will be the main target country when advertising. Take this as the foundation and then expand new relevant interest words, then we will have a full grasp of our launch.

Of course, if you are an advertiser who advertises other products, you can also use this method for detailed advertising audience exploration. AdTargeting will make an audience portrait for you to improve your advertising conversion rate!