The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Set

The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Set

The creation of Facebook Ads is divided into three levels——Campaign, Ad-Set and Ad Set. Today I want to talk to you about the core level of settings-Ad Set.In fact, different Compaign Objectives of Ad Set will have different settings. Today, I will take Conversion as an example to introduce general settings.


Conversion Event generally choose Purchase.


In the testing phase, it can generally be set to 10 or 20 US dollars. It is set according to the price of regional traffic, such as $10 in India and $20 in the United States. Because the average CPM of different countries is different, this setting is to allow ads to be fully displayed for testing. . The initial quantity phase occurs under the premise that Ad Set works well. It is recommended to increase the budget when the account is changed, and it is enough to increase it once a day. The general rhythm of increasing the budget is: 10-20-40-60-80-100-150-200 (in days), and so on. Of course, it is not ruled out that when the effect is outstanding, it will increase directly, but it must not exceed twice the previous amount. If the effect is not good, you can slowly reduce the budget to control the cost.
When choosing Lifetime Budget, then you can set the ad scheduling. If you find that the product always does not work well between 1-7 in the morning, you might as well try this function. The budget will be spent evenly over a long period of time, and the advertisement will run more steadily.


If you are running the application installation, select “Everyone in this location”. If you are launching e-commerce, choose “People who live in this location”.


If you launch a country with more languages, you might as well make several more language versions of the product and release them to people in different languages.


Some people will exclude fan pages or have installed users to run, but it is not necessary. Instead, here is a little trick: You often use Custom Audience to do old user recall. Try to try People who used your app. The cost of acquiring old user recall will be much lower.


With the development of FB business, I think there will be more and more choices here. When you have a new choice, you must follow up quickly and try decisively, because when you first realize it, there will be some traffic dividends. In addition, during the test advertising stage, I recommend only running FB and Instagram. Because different positions, CPM, average CTR will be different, some high points and some low points, but in the end will maintain a dynamic balance of results. So in order not to affect your test data, it is recommended to eliminate the interference factors of the layout.


Auto bid is recommended here, because this setting is fine and it saves time