How to Scale Facebook Ads: Improving 10x Growth

How to Scale Facebook Ads: Improving 10x Growth

Facebook advertising is not static, you need to constantly adapt to the adjustments of Facebook’s official policies and constantly adjust advertising strategies to adapt to new changes. And don’t you want to maximize the results of your Facebook ads, or get more leads or sales methods from your existing Facebook ad campaigns?

This article introduces detailed methods about how to scale Facebook ads, hoping it can help you further develop your business.

Scaling Facebook ads budget

Increase your budget

The way to determine whether advertising spending can bring returns is to pay close attention to the return on advertising spending. However, when you start to increase your ad spend, the return on ad spend may remain the same. This requires you to first evaluate whether increasing your Facebook campaign budget will lead to more conversions or just increase the cost per result.

You can judge by checking the frequency of Facebook advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager. The frequency is higher than 6 points, which means you should not invest more money in the campaign, because it means that your campaign has appeared frequently and you only attract the same people multiple times. Other strategies should be considered at this time.

Increase your ad budget gradually

According to Facebook, the Facebook algorithm has a learning phase, and in the learning phase, the stability of the advertising set is poor, and the resulting cost is usually higher.

If you gradually add a budget, it will be considered a minor change to the ad set, so that the Facebook algorithm retains most of the data learned from the initial stages of the campaign.

Enforcing this strategy manually is very simple. Just go to the Ads Manager and update the budget of the ad set. Adopting this strategy takes some time to increase the budget, you can decide according to the actual situation of your advertisement.

Automate budget increases using automatic rules

This technique can be used to automate the gradual increase of the budget in Facebook Ads Manager. You can create a custom rule and run the automation once a week. When the ad set meets certain conditions, the rule will automatically increase the budget. For example: “If the creative set has achieved at least 30 conversions in the past 3 days”.

It should be noted that you need to modify the maximum daily budget to a price that you can accept, and change the cost of each purchase to the maximum cost you can afford.

How to Scale Facebook Ads: Improving 10x Growth-AdTargeting
Automate budget increases-AdTargeting

Scale Facebook ads with audience targeting

Test new lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences may be full of potential customers who are similar to your existing best customers. By using Facebook ad campaigns to target “lookalike audiences”, you will attract more people interested in your products. This means that you can get more results at a lower cost.

If you want to apply the Lookalike audiences to your budget scaling process, you can create new ad campaigns with the Lookalike audience or add new ad sets to existing Facebook campaigns and then increase those campaigns’ budget.

How to Scale Facebook Ads: Improving 10x Growth-AdTargeting
Lookalike audiences-AdTargeting

Test new interest audiences

Targeting new interests that you’ve never tried before is another way to expand your Facebook ad campaigns to attract new audiences.

To find a new audience of interest, you can use the Facebook interest targeting tool for help. AdTargeting is a free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers get many hidden interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering. 

How to Scale Facebook Ads: Improving 10x Growth-AdTargeting

Expand demographics-based targeting

Use our Facebook Audience Insights to learn how to find the best audience insights into all your insights data. Once you have an idea of your new target audience, you can set up a new ad set using the ads that work best. You may need to create new ad material to better engage new audience segments.

You can obtain interest analytics report, includes the audience’s location, demographic (age, gender, relationship status, educations), job title, device, and the affinity of interest and Facebook Page by using AdTargeting.

If you don’t segment your retargeted audience, your entire budget may go to less effective groups.

Expand to new locations

Sometimes the most profitable way to expand your campaign is to expand your advertising audience to other countries.

If you have only tested selling products in your local market or a specific country, there is always the potential to expand your reach by advertising in other markets.

You can select markets based on your data and expertise and set up new Facebook Campaigns for these countries.

You can run a global campaign/campaign for 5-10 countries/regions and then use it to discover which of those countries respond best to your ads. Expanding your Facebook Campaigns by adjusting and adding new targeting methods is also a great way to expand your Facebook Campaigns. For more specific operational details, please click:How to use Facebook Geo-Targeting for more engagement.

Scale your Facebook ads with better ad creatives

Allocate additional budget to your best performing ad creative

As you expand your campaign, test it: discover your Facebook campaign with the best-performing ad creative and increase the campaign’s budget.

Replicate successful Facebook ads 

You can also copy the most effective ad materials into all-new ad sets for the “similar” audiences mentioned in the previous section of this article.

Create different ads for running an A/B test

Before adding new ad material to an existing campaign, we recommend running an A/B test on the existing ad material. To run a quick Facebook ad split test, you can create a new campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook’s operation is extremely simple: when setting up a new campaign, simply open the Split Test feature and upload all new ad clips and the ones currently in use.


Successful businesses know how to take a winning set of Facebook ads and then scale them. I think you also want to take your Facebook ads to the next level and improve the conversion of Facebook ads. Hurry up and implement it!  Expect your ads can make some differences!