Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples

Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples

According to Facebook’s financial report for the third quarter of 2020, Facebook’s daily active users have reached 1.82 billion. Due to a large number of users, Facebook is one of the most effective advertising channels for many companies around the world, and many companies are using it to attract their target audience.

The clothing industry is no exception. The clothing industry has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce industries. Fashion brands have been using Facebook ads to increase sales, customer loyalty, and repeat purchases.

How can you make your Facebook clothing ads stand out from the crowd? This blog will provide you with 6 examples of awesome ads and some tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your Facebook clothing ads.

6 Awesome Ad  Examples 


Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting

The one we’re analyzing is one of Zara’s beautiful ads. The overall look of the ad takes us back to the 70’s and the romantic and retro feel of the ad makes it stand out from the crowd.

In addition, the word “free” in any ad will get people’s attention, especially when it comes to free shipping! Because we all like to pay more for the clothes themselves rather than waste money on shipping.

2.Old Navy

Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting
Old Navy-AdTargeting

This is an example from Old Navy. I like it because it’s cute and playful, with smiling girls hugging each other. The post itself blends the positive energy of the image perfectly.

And there are other great elements, such as the cute emoji, the eye-catching price, and the urgent message “Today only!” It is a great way to encourage your audience to take action as soon as possible. 

3.The North Face

Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting
The North Face-AdTargeting

The North Face’s ads are great! The shots under the tent are stunning, and the promotional descriptions above the bright colors will quickly get your attention. Promotional codes are also a smart idea!

Impressively, they chose the word StayCozy so you can easily associate comfort with branded products, it’s using “interests” to accurately target the audience. And AdTargeting is staying ahead for Facebook interest targeting!

I also like that they added the disclaimer “Exceptions excluded” to the post. Keep it real instead of trying to trick you into clicking on an ad.


Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting

Looking at Puma’s Facebook ad, what strikes the eye is the impressive combination of colors and their stark contrast. It’s so attention-grabbing!

In addition, the brand value reflected in the new team uniform is also very impressive, which can drive more sales and increase brand awareness!


Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting

This Nike ad is different from other clothing ads because it doesn’t show any clothes. However, it attracts viewers in a compelling way with the powerful slogan “You can’t stop us”.

The ad worked successfully for the following reasons: Having a strong appealing word. Saying “the best Nike product selected only for you” will make users feel unique and special! The keyword “free shipping” – is always a good way to get your attention!


Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting

First of all, the color of this ad is very striking. The bright red part of the ad specifically says “Special Offer: 50% off”, so it’s hard to ignore the ad. 

A special point to mention is that in the case of the discount combined with free shipping, it’s hard not to be attracted to this ad! 

Best Tips for Improving Facebook Clothing Ad Results

Accurate target the audience 

Accurate targeting the audience is very important and Facebook interests targeting is one of the best target methods. Facebook’s official interests are not comprehensive, each search result shows up only about 25 interests, which can not fully match advertisers’ needs.

You can use Facebook interest targeting tool for help. AdTargeting is one of the best, it helps advertisers get many hidden interests and find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering.

Facebook Clothing Ads:6 Awesome Ad Examples-AdTargeting

Using high-quality images and video

As you can see from the example we mentioned above, images are very important for a Facebook ad, and good images can make your ad stand out from the crowd.

For some fashion brands, images are working extremely well but video & motion design could work even better. So Facebook clothing ads can also consider using impressive videos!

Appealing words

Appropriate call-to-action words are necessary for Facebook advertising, which can play an emphasis on encouraging users to buy and promote user conversion.

Strengthen brand awareness

Strengthening brand awareness is often overlooked, but it is indeed very important. In particular, cooperation with celebrities often leads to unexpected sales and also helps to expand brand awareness.

Provide valuable offer and free shipping

We can also know from the examples mentioned in this blog that promotions, discounts, and free information are usually the easiest way to attract people’s attention. So it is necessary to pay attention to providing relevant information in the advertisement.

Finally, I want to say that the above several strategies can be applied to every Facebook clothing ads. I suggest that you evaluate each suggestion and test your Facebook ads on the actual situation of your brand. I hope you can succeed with Facebook clothing ads!