Unleashing the IG Follower Export Tool - IG Tools: Because Spying on Your Followers Can Be Fun Too! 😎

Unleashing the IG Follower Export Tool – IG Tools: Because Spying on Your Followers Can Be Fun Too! 😎

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers


So, you've decided that stalking, I mean, keeping an eye on your Instagram followers is a must? Enter IG Follower Export Tool - IG Tools, the James Bond of the Instagram optimization world. Let's take a rollercoaster ride through this spy-worthy tool and uncover its covert features, with a dash of humor, of course.

IG Exporter: Where Your Followers' Secrets Spill, Excel-Style 🕵️‍♂️

Imagine a world where you can export your followers' info with the finesse of a secret agent. That's IG Exporter for you – the 007 of Instagram data extraction.

Key Features:

  • Export Capability: Unleash the power to export followers or following data with a mere click.
  • Capacity: Juggle up to 50,000 followers like a circus performer. You're the ringmaster now!
  • File Formats: CSV and Excel, because spies love options, right?
  • Error Handling: IG rate limit errors? Pfft, IG Exporter laughs in the face of errors. Cooldown mode, anyone?

Supported Columns:

  • ID: Numeric Instagram ID (because spies love numbers)
  • User Name: The code name of your followers
  • Full Name: Because we're not on a first-name basis with everyone
  • Profile Picture URL: A snapshot of your followers' secret lives
  • Verification Status: Are they undercover agents too?

How to Harness the Power of IG Exporter: A Spy's Guide

  1. Open the extension's popup – your secret lair.
  2. Click the IG Exporter icon – your spy gadget.
  3. Select "Export Instagram Data" – the red button that screams danger.
  4. Specify the target – your nemesis' IG username or URL.
  5. Click "Start" – commence the extraction operation.
  6. Follow the instructions – because every good spy follows the plan.

Instagram throws rate limit bullets, but fear not, IG Exporter is your Matrix. Here's the dance:

  • Exporting a massive list triggers a rate limit error.
  • Cooldown mode – the dramatic pause.
  • If errors persist, cooldown doubles – because we like challenges.
  • Once cooldown ends, normal mode – you're back in action.

Spy Tip: IG Exporter is a freemium software. Export 550 followers for free. Upgrade for the VIP spy treatment. No refunds, though. We're not MI6.

Exporting IG Post Comments: Your Undercover Comment Collector

Meet IG Comment Export Tool – your undercover agent for comments. Because who doesn't want to know what people are saying behind your back?

How to Collect Intel

  1. Click the IG Comment Export Tool icon – your comment extraction device.
  2. Hit "Export Instagram Data" – the button that sets the espionage in motion.
  3. Input a valid IG post URL – your target's last known location.
  4. Click "Start parsing" – let the comments roll in, like classified documents.

Key Features of IG Comment Export Tool

  • Effortless Export: One click to rule them all.
  • Format Support: CSV and Excel – the spies' preferred languages.
  • Rate Limit Handling: IG rate limits? Please, we invented handling limits.
  • Simplified Processing: One click via IGTools net – because spies don't do complicated.

Supported Columns:

  • Comment ID – the secret code
  • Comment Text – the message in the bottle
  • Username – the messenger
  • Profile URL – the secret link
  • Profile Picture URL – the disguise
  • Date – the timeline of secrets

Initiating the Export Process: A Quick Spy Training

  1. Open the extension's popup – your spy headquarters.
  2. Click "Export Instagram Data" – the secret handshake.
  3. IGTools opens – the door to the spy world.
  4. Input IG post URL – the coordinates.
  5. Click "Start parsing" – let the extraction begin.

Ensuring Security: Because We're Not the Bad Guys

  • No asking for IG passwords – we're the good guys.
  • Rate limit awareness – we respect boundaries.

How It Works: Spy Edition

  • Exporting heaps triggers a rate limit error – danger alert.
  • Cooldown mode activates – the suspense.
  • If errors persist, cooldown doubles – because we like a challenge.
  • Cooldown ends, back to normal – like nothing happened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): The Spy's Interrogation Room 🕵️‍♀️

  1. Is IG Exporter free like a spy movie on cable?
    • Sure thing! Export 550 followers for free. Upgrade for the VIP spy treatment. No refunds – we're not that generous.
  2. How do I tackle rate limit errors in IG Exporter?
    • Rate limit errors? Cooldown mode is your shield. Double trouble if errors persist. Back to normal when the coast is clear.
  3. Can IG Comment Export Tool crack the code on private accounts?
    • Nope. We respect privacy – we're the good guys, remember?
  4. What juicy info does IG Comment Export Tool spill about comments?
    • Comment ID, text, username, profile URL, profile picture URL, and date – everything you need for a spy novel.
  5. Do I need to create an account to upgrade in IG Exporter?
    • Yup. Create an account or log in with Google. We need to know who's joining the spy club.
  6. Refunds for IG Exporter purchases?
    • No refunds. Try before you buy. We're not running a charity here.

Go forth, fellow spy, and may your Instagram espionage be as entertaining as a blockbuster movie! 🚁🎬