Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience

Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users per month, and a large number of the users are real estate consumers. Therefore, Facebook marketing is profitable for real estate businesses. You can reach real estate audiences, promote your services and products with Facebook ads.

However, many real estate agents find the cost of advertising on Facebook to be too high, even reaching tens of dollars. This is usually because their Facebook ads are not shown to the high-quality real estate audience. If you want to run Facebook ads in a low cost, you should target real estate audience precisely based on their interests, location and behavior.

If you want to create successful Facebook ad campaigns that target real estate audience, here is the most effective guide.

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Who is the target audience for real estate Facebook ads?

The real estate audience on Facebook has some common characteristics and with these characteristics, you can target your audience precisely.

1. People who have the ability to afford estate

Buying a house is a big expense, and it often costs a lot of money. Nowadays, many people can't afford a house themselves and need their family to support them. But people with good family conditions or have a high income are more likely to become the target audience for real estate Facebook ads. Only those who can afford a house will want to buy one. So it's important to target people who can afford it.

2. Young people who are familiar with internet

People can use various social medias and become Facebook user if they have a higher acceptance of the Internet. There are many older, or people who are not familiar with internet are skeptical of online ads, and they more unlikely to be the audience of real estate Facebook ad.

target audience for real estate facebook ads-house

3. People who buy a house in another country or another place

Nowadays, there are many people who buy a house in other cities or even in other countries for various reasons, such as going college or enjoying the scenery of other places. These people are also the audience of Facebook real estate ads, which are very useful for them because it is very convenient to see estate in different places through Facebook ads.

4. People who want to gain more information about real estate online

Buying a house is a big deal for many people. They often search for various information about real estate online before they buy it. And some of them find a satisfying house through Facebook estate advertisement.

5. Investors or rich people

Many people want to buy a house. Some want to get stable accommodation before getting married, some want to exchange for a better house, and some just want to invest. Real estate investment is also a very high return investment if you have a good perspective. Many rich people and professional investors are interested in investing in estate and they are also the core audience of real estate Facebook marketing.

So, how to target the audience for real estate Facebook ads? There are 5 efficient ideas:

1. Getting more interests for real estate facebook advertising

Interests are very important for targeting audiences in Facebook ads. But Facebook only provides 25 interests which means you most likely choose the same interest as other competitors and those exhausted interests may cause bad ROI. 

So Facebook's official interests cannot satisfy advertisers and we need more relevant interests to target the core audience more accurately. And now, you need some Facebook interest targeting toolAdTargeting is a complete free online Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers find suitable interest through keyword search and advanced filtering. You can explore thousands of interests by AdTargeting, just enter " real estate" for example:

target audience for real estate facebook ads-AdTargeting

And then, we can get many different kinds of related interests and we can see the number of audience, gender distribution, main age and age proportion of each interest. It will help you to find better interest which can not only generate traffic but also not be abused by others. 

From the sheet above, the interest "Luxury real estate" and "Real estate investing"also has a large audience. You can choose the most appropriate interest according to these interests.

In addition, classify interests can help you analyze the different kind related interests and know the specifics people care about.  And there is an interest list of "real estate"at the end of this blog, hope that will be helpful for you.

2. Core audience targeting

When you run advertisements in Facebook, you need to set suitable audience targeting conditions in Facebook ads. Here are some important real estate marketing demographics that can help you target your core audience.


The majority of people interested in real estate between 25 and 34 years old. And other age groups like "35-44" also take some proportion.


 Women account for 50.5% and men account for 49.5%.

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience-AdTargeting
Audience Analysis - AdTargeting

Relationship Status:

The majority of people are engaged and they take a large proportion for about 48.9%.


The majority of people have a college degree.

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience-AdTargeting
Audience Analysis - AdTargeting

Job Title:

From the job title of the audience, we can analyze that the people who work on administrative services, management or sales account for a large proportion of the audience.

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience-AdTargeting
Audience Analysis - AdTargeting

Country / Region:

People in America have the highest passion for estate. 

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience-AdTargeting
Audience Analysis - AdTargeting

So we can know that American aged 25 and 34 years old and work on administrative services, management or sales may have the intention to buy a house through real estate Facebook advertising.

You can also find other related interests of "real estate" with AdTargeting. Here are massive related interest based on real user behavior and preferences, which can help you target more real estate audiences.

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: 5 Best Ideas To Target Audience-AdTargeting
Related Interests - AdTargeting

4. Target fans of competitors

The audiences of competitors are also our potential audiences. So to target the fans of competitors is also a good idea for targeting audience precisely. You can find competitors' Facebook Page through appropriate interest.

You can enter the competitors’ brand name in AdTargeting directly, and then you can see the interest keywords and audience's detailed information of competitors.

For example, the recent Facebook advertising strategy of Bayleys Real Estate is as follows:

Bayleys Real Estate most commonly use the word "property" on its Facebook page, and placed ads primarily in March 2022. Its audience is located in New Zealand, the United States, and Australia.

target audience for real estate facebook ads-bayleys real estate

In addition to the above information, you can also view the ads placed by Bayleys Real Estate in the last year. Learning from your competitors' successful real estate ads can always provide you with new creative inspiration.

target audience for real estate facebook ads-bayleys real estate ads

5. Locate Facebook Page interest keywords with high affinity

What's more, you can locate Facebook Page interest keywords with high affinity by using Facebook interest targeting tool- AdTargeting. The affinity can indicate how likely your audience is to like a given Facebook page compared to everyone on Facebook. So a higher affinity score, means a higher relevance to your audience. So you can see the Facebook Page that matches the interest best. Let's see the top 10 related Facebook Pages of "real estate":

target audience for real estate facebook ads-high affinity

Obviously, the real estate audience is very interested in food and shopping, and there is a certain probability of targeting them through these kinds of interests.

Facebook ads Interests list of real estate target audience

Finally, here is a list of interests for real estate Facebook ads searched by AdTargeting and I have classified these keywords as the follows: 

The common interests of real estate:

Interest Audience
Real estate 475,478,421 people
Luxury real estate 120,659,792 people
Real estate investing 100,211,445 people
Real estate development 57,303,890 people
Real estate investment trust 3,776,950 people
Real Estate Investors 1,172,580 people
Short sale (real estate) 417,300 people
International real estate 165,200 people
Real estate transaction  194,230 people

Place related:

Interest Audience
Canadian Real Estate Association 759,620 people
Toronto Real Estate 8,810 people
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 10,400 people
Ontario Real Estate Association 9,300 people

Agent related:

Interest Audience
Real estate broker  134,930,440 people
Real Estate Agent Directory 122,120 people
Real Estate Sales 20,620 people
real estate broker agent  338 people

Council or Website related:

Interest Audience
Real estate investment association 352,324 people
Real Estate Investment Network 33,290 people
Real estate investment club 909,058 people
Indian Real Estate Forum 1,610 people

Real estate Facebook marketing unlike other traditional methods of marketing such as television ads, billboards, newspaper, and radio helps you to reach customers wherever they are. People can view your ads or information on their desktop, tablet, and phone. However, to get the most out of your real estate Facebook marketing campaign, you need to create an effective real estate Facebook marketing strategy that will help you target your advertisements correctly at the right audience. 

Facebook audience targeting is very important in creating an effective real estate Facebook marketing campaign. It determines the success and failure of your Facebook ad campaign. So just implement these 5 ideas to real estate target audience, hope you can make some differences!

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