How To Target Facebook Ads To "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Audience | AdTargeting

How To Target Facebook Ads To "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Audience | AdTargeting

Many people are wondering whether their "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads are working when the "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" advertising are not getting any reach. Your "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads can help you expand brand awareness, increase coverage and bring conversions, only if you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience accurately. 

The interest "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" has 215,126 audiences on Facebook, this means that your "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" facebook ads has many potential audiences. So the point is, how to target these people and make them really become yours. AdTargeting can be helpful. It is one of the best Facebook interest targeting tool to discover hidden or niche interests of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads that your competitor don't know, and provide audience analysis report. Keep reading and see how to target your audience precisely at once! In order to get more content, you can check the website tiktok ads.

The interest "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" overview

Interest Audience Gender ratio of the audience Major Age
 瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿   215,126 Men accounted for7%
Women accounted for93%

At first, we can have an overview of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿". The interest "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿"  has 215,126 audiences in Facebook. Among these audiences, men accounted for 7%, women accounted for 93%. The major age of 瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿 audiences is 35-44, and they accounted for 38.5%.

There are also many hidden interests of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿". You can choose the most appropriate interest for your "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" advertising according to the real situation.

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"瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads audience analysis report

When you run "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" advertisements on Facebook, you need to set suitable audience targeting conditions in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads. After analyzing the audience of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" , you can get the report of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" audience analysis include many detailed information:


The majority of people interested in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" between 35-44, and they accounted for 38.5%. And other age groups like 25-34 accounted for 29.24%. The people interested in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" between 45-54 accounted for 18.18%.

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Women accounted for 93% and men accounted for 7%.

Relationship Status

The majority of people interested in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" are in a relationship of Engaged and they take a large proportion for about 54%.


The majority of people have a College degree.

Job Title

From the job title of the audience, we can analyze that the people interested in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" who work on Sales have the largest audience account for 28%. Besides this, people work on Administrative Services and Management also have many audience.


People in Malaysia have the highest passion for "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿". And Hong Kong and Singapore also have large numbers of people interested in "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿".

In addition to the report of audience analysis mentioned above, you can use Facebook interest targeting tool to explore more detailed audience analysis information. All data can be viewed on AdTargeting.

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Lists of interests for "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" Facebook ads

After analyzing the audience, you can also find other most related interests of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿". And there is a Facebook interest list that maybe helpful for you in AdTargeting . You can not only get the lists of interests but also the audience number of each interest. The recommendation of relevant interests can give you some inspiration to choose interests for "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" advertising.

Interest Audience
親子天下 1,439,624
天下讀者俱樂部 748,730
goodlife 好生活 307,090
設計家 Searchome 833,750
iCook 愛料理 1,598,400
輕旅行 872,740
Taiwanese Hokkien 25,059,240
Eastern Television 3,744,070
金老佛爺 Fashion Blog by Kimlafayette 312,010
Yahoo!奇摩新聞 7,665,010

Target "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" audience of competitors with Facebook Pages 

The audiences of competitors are also our potential audiences. You can target audience of competitors with Facebook Pages in AdTargeting. A higher affinity score, means a higher relevance of the Facebook Page to your audience. Other professional contents: what is fyp, facebook target audience for dentist.

Just get the most related Facebook Pages of "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" and use them to target your Facebook ads to "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" audience.

Page Audience Following Affinity
瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿 98,907 285,929 6754.11X
简易瘦身食谱 14,952 183,997 1586.68X
瘦身每一天 122 203,785 424.43X
21天減重計劃 9,997 146,165 1335.44X
瘦So easy 13,376 197,985 1319.15X
顶尖瘦身术 4,884 474,905 204.28X
iFit 愛瘦身 538,332 632,142 112.68X
iFit 懒人瘦身no.1 4,248 676,434 80.49X
BBQueen女人購物網 47,950 360,987 1134.23X
FB減肥達人 輕鬆教你瘦 29,664 232,603 2490.08X

Reports of other interests

You can also get some reports of other interests. Then you can do better in Facebook audience optimization and target Facebook ads to audience more accurately. Here are the reports you might be interested in:

What's more, you can have a fast browsing of popular interests in Top Charts very easily to follow the industrial trend. Wanna target Facebook ads to "瘦身減肥方法食譜節食運動減肥藥產後瘦身瘦小腹瘦大腿" audience? Just practice these advices now!

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