Online Marketing for Web Hosting : Strategies & Tools to Boost Your Business

Online Marketing for Web Hosting: Strategies & Tools to Boost Your Business

Web Hosting keywords research - Adtargeting

There is no doubt that online marketing for Web Hosting is lucrative. The reasons are simple:

  • More and more people are looking for Web Hosting online
  • Your competitors are turning to Web Hosting marketing
  • It is cheaper for Web Hosting to market online

What should you consider and implement to make sure your Web Hosting grows online? Here are some good strategies.

Build Social Marketing for Web Hosting

Social media is growing rapidly, and it’s an affordable way to gain Web Hosting customers.

It’s good to promote Web Hosting on social media, but how to build social marketing? You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a business profile on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube for your Web Hosting.
  2. Add a bio to each page you create and include your Web Hosting’s website, location, hours, menu, and how to contact you.
  3. Send out regular posts about your Web Hosting products, services, and promotions. And post high-quality Web Hosting photos and videos to win the trust of consumers.

The above are some basic practices, and if you want to further expand your Web Hosting reach, you can use social media advertising. It can reach lots of Web Hosting audience at a low cost.

Some tools can help you target Web Hosting audience precisely to improve your Web Hosting ads ROI. Such as AdTargeting, will help you with:

  • Discovering hidden Web Hosting interests on Facebook and TikTok
  • Analyzing Web Hosting keywords on paid difficulty, popularity, regional search volume, and more
  • Spying on competitors' advertising campaigns on Facebook
  • Targeting Facebook ads to fans of a competitor's page

With AdTargeting, we list some interests and demographics that can help you target Web Hosting audience on Facebook:

Rank Interests Audience Gender Age
1 Web hosting 28.3M F:31% M:69% 25-34:38%
2 Webs (web hosting) 705.9K F:29% M:71% 25-34:39%
3 HostPapa - Certified Green Web Hosting 13.1K F:37% M:63% 25-34:32%
4 Website 967.2M F:40.8% M:59.2% 25-34:37%
5 Video hosting service 250.3M F:36% M:64% 25-34:39%
6 Web portal 451.1M F:44.3% M:55.7% 25-34:35%
7 World Wide Web 329.2M F:48.6% M:51.4% 25-34:35%
8 Web browser 175.0M F:35.5% M:64.5% 25-34:37%
9 Web conferencing 90.2M F:51.2% M:48.8% 25-34:31%
10 Cloud computing 171.3M F:40.4% M:59.6% 25-34:35%

Meanwhile, here are some popular Facebook Web Hosting pages that you can analyze and learn their advertising strategies.

Rank Page Name Likes Ads Audience Geo
1 Web Hosting World 3.9K 82 -
2 HostBreak Web Hosting 9.4K 112 -
3 IpHost Web Hosting 11.4K 32 -
4 Unlimited Web Hosting 792 16 -
5 Shinjiru Web Hosting 33.3K 82 MYS

If you want to analyze these Web Hosting pages in depth, please visit AdTargeting to see their ads trends, audience distribution and hot words analysis.

online marketing for Web Hosting - social marketing

online marketing for Web Hosting - social marketing

Use PPC to Promote Your Web Hosting

PPC (Pay-per-Click) is an advertising model, and you can place Web Hosting ads on search engines, but only pay whenever a user actually clicks on an ad. You can run Web Hosting PPC ads on the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The most popular PPC platform is Google Ads, and the keyword “Web Hosting” is searched 195.0K per month on Google. This means that your "Web Hosting" PPC ads have many potential customers. The best thing about PPC is that you can create ads that target Web Hosting customers based on keywords, demographic, and location. And with AdTargeting you can get lots of Web Hosting keywords to reach Web Hosting audience.

We list some potential Web Hosting Adwords keywords from AdTargeting, including both head keywords and long-tail keywords, and hope to help your Web Hosting business.

Head Keywords for Web Hosting

Rank Web Hosting Keywords Search volume Cost Per Click Paid Difficulty
1 Web hosting 195.0K 6.38 58
2 accuweb hosting 4.5K 4.02 31

Long-Tail Keywords for Web Hosting

Rank Web Hosting Keywords Search volume Cost Per Click Paid Difficulty
1 syarikat web hosting 9 0.00 11
2 aws web hosting 19.0K 8.26 35
3 top 10 web hosting 1.6K 5.83 41
4 pantheon web hosting 580 13.65 34
5 web hosting provider 2.8K 9.57 42
6 cloudflare web hosting 923 9.56 45
7 dream web hosting 1.2K 1.07 24
8 aws web hosting services 13.8K 10.35 28
9 ecommerce web hosting 4.6K 15.80 14
10 dedicated web hosting 14.5K 7.35 38
11 free web hosting wordpress 2.2K 2.93 56
12 best web hosting 2020 735 21.19 7
13 hostgator web hosting 1.3K 23.47 35
14 linux web hosting 2.9K 4.43 35
15 amazon web hosting cost 13.9K 12.66 16
16 microsoft web hosting 1.7K 5.89 44
17 web hosting control panel 2.8K 1.66 35
18 static web hosting 512 7.45 47

Grow SEO for Your Web Hosting Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to rank your content higher in the Google search engine for a particular keyword.

So you need to conduct keyword research and insert Web Hosting keywords in your website. AdTargeting can offer you lots of Web Hosting keywords, moreover, you can monitor competitors' websites to discover the Web Hosting keywords that drive traffic to them.

Web Hosting keywords research - Adtargeting

Online Marketing for Web Hosting - SEO

Based on Web Hosting keywords, you can write articles to post on your website and social platforms. Article topics can be how to choose Web Hosting products, list of best Web Hosting, etc. High-quality content is an important way to help you improve your SEO ranking.

In addition, don’t forget to localize, which will improve your Web Hosting reach in local marketing. To do this, you need to add some location keywords in your keywords mix, such as “Web Hosting in Chicago”. Also, perfecting your Google Business Profile ranking and improving the quality of reviews can help your Web Hosting rank higher in Map pack results.

Ready to Start Online Marketing for Web Hosting?

If you lack experience in conducting Web Hosting online marketing, then social media, PPC, and SEO are the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do so. In the meanwhile, AdTargeting can be your best online marketing partner to help you target your Web Hosting audience. You will easily reduce costs and increase advertising ROI!

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