How to use adtargeting to do keyword research?


  • Word research supports three channels, facebook, google and tiktok;
  • Recommend massive interest words and keyword data;
  • Audience details analysis of supported words;


  • Save a lot of time for users in word research;
  • Help users to intuitively obtain the audience analysis dimension data of words;

How to use

1. User's keyword query entry:

Users can obtain related interest words and delivery keywords by entering query keywords or site domain name links. Currently, the google channel supports link query. Through query, a list of directly related words can be obtained, and the relationship between the directly related words and the keywords entered by the user can be obtained. The relationship is stronger and more targeted.

In addition, the site also supports the expansion strategy to help users obtain suggested words, and the suggested words can be queried around the surrounding keywords of the user's input words.

2. View audience analytics data

First of all, the analysis data that can be intuitively seen on the user list according to different channels are as follows:

The facebook channel can see the audience number, male to female ratio, age and path data

Google channel can see the trend distribution of search volume, estimated click cost, payment difficulty

The tiktok channel can see the number of audiences, the ratio of men and women, age and path data

Secondly, you can view the detailed analysis data of different channels by clicking on the specific words in the list:

Facebook can provide three dimensions of top city, gender & age, and page homepage on the details page:

The Google channel can provide placement difficulty, word popularity trends, top country distribution and related topics list on the details page: