How to use adtargeting for advertiser query and analysis?


  • Support to query advertisers by keywords;
  • Provide rich advertiser dimension analysis data;


  • Help users find more advertisers and affiliated ads;
  • Save the time and cost of data aggregation and analysis for users;

How to use

1. Query advertisers by keywords

The user can query the list of associated Facebook advertisers by entering a keyword term, and the list provides the advertiser's likes, placements, time interval, placement trends and associated product data.

2.View advertiser's detailed analysis data

Users can click on a specific piece of data in the advertiser list to view five dimensions of data about the advertiser's advertising trends, home page post hot word analysis, country distribution, material types, channel parts, and specific advertising materials:

  • Trends and hotwords
  • Country and regional distribution
  • Distribution of channels and material types
  • Specific creatives